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KIDSHANNON represents over a hundred of the finest children’s illustrators and writers worldwide, producing custom illustrations and stories for the children’s and advertising industries. Our artists are regularly featured in film, books, magazines, television, and the internet. Our artists include Greg Call, Antonio Javier Capario, Cliff Neilsen, Jed Henry, Amy Bates, Julia Denos, John Bendall-Brunello, Guy Francis, Ariel Pang, Jimmy Pickering, Omar Rayyan,, Miki Sakamoto, Ute Simon, Carol Thompson, and Dan Anreason, to name a few. KIDSHANNON artists work in categories such as board books, designers, digital, animation, book jackets, caricatures, cartoons, computer generated imagery, packaging, educational, graphic design, graphic novels, history, humor, multicultural, photography, realistic, religious, rich media, sci fi and fantasy, trade, watercolor, whimsical, and young adult.

Shannon Associates

Representative of over 200 illustrators, artists, and animators, providing commercial illustration, art, writing, and animation in the fields of publishing, children’s illustration, editorial, medical illustration, mass market art, and book cover design. Artists include: Peter Bollinger, Cliff Neilsen, Mike Koelsch, Per Haagensen, Spork Unlimited, Julia Denos, Stephen Gilpin, Glin Dibley, Sally Wern Comport, Amy Bates, James Bernardin, Steve Brodner, Patrick Faricy, Glenn Harrington, George Angelini, Pablo Bernasconi, John Bendall-Brunello, Mort Drucker, Guy Francis, Monica Roe, Joe St. Pierre, Bernhard Oberdieck, Dan Andreasen, Maryn Roos, Greg Call, Anna Currey, Suwin Chan, C.B. Canga, Doug Holgate, Robert Crockett, Richard Cowdrey,, Ray Downing, Tristan Elwell, Alan Flinn, Corbert Gauthier, E.M. Gist, Amanda Hall, Glenn Harrington, Anna and Elena Balbusso, Erwin Haya, Lisa Henderling, Cooper Kelly, A.K.A., Stephanie Buscema, Ian Keltie, and Yucel, among others.

Wanda Nowak Agency Artist Representative

Wanda Nowak Agency represents:- Yayo, BORIS KULIKOV, Nicky Ackland-Snow, FREDERIQUE BERTRAND, NICKY ACKLAND-SNOW, Herve Blondon, LAURENT CILLUFFO, Stephane Jorisch, MICHAEL MEISTER, Olivier Latyk, , ANDRE LETRIA, Douglas Mullen, ELSA ORIOL, Anna Parini, TIM ROBINSON, Cristina Sampaio, ALENKA SOTTLER. CHILDREN'S ILLUSTRATORS: - Emilie Chollat, Tim Robinson, Olivier Latyk, Andre Letria, Anne-Sophie Lanquetin, Alistar, Elsa Oriol, Isabela Nadal, Alenka Sottler, Cristina Sampaio

Liz Sanders Agency

Since 1985, Liz Sanders Agency has represented an eclectic group of commercial illustrators, each highly specialized in a range of medium: digital, oil, acrylic, pastel and a variety of style: realistic, whimsical, editorial, juvenile. My commitment to personal service and positive relationships has proven well in seeking out the best of art buyers and freshest, most unique talent. My business philosophy is founded on reliability, honesty, practicality and persistence. These attributes combined with effective marketing & promotion has resulted in a thriving business whose client base includes design/advertising firms, magazine/book publishers, and corporations.

Lindgren and Smith

27/7 Studio, AkA, Christiane Beauregard, Jackie Besteman, Jeff Bennett, James Bentley, Lyuba Bogan, Susan Crawford, Richard Faust, John Kachik, Per Jose Karlen, Anna Lazareva, Jon C Lund, Coco Masuda, James Christoph, Robert Crawford, Regan Dunnick, Doug Fraser, Martin Haake, Joe & Kathy Heiner, Miles Hyman, Kim Johnson, Gayle Kabaker, Susan Leopold, Francis Livingston, Chris Lyons, Chris O'Leary, Michael Paraskevas, Rick Peterson, Chuck Pyle, Michael Robertson, Robert Rodriguez, Robbie Roth, Jim Salvati, Brook Slane, Mariusz Stawarski, Robert Gantt Steele, Jerome Studer, Pol Turgeon, Stefano Vitale, Robert Wagt, Beth White, Dan Williams, Jean Wisenbaugh

Début Art

début art, representing a highly select grouping of the world's finest, most contemporary and original illustrators, photographers, designers, and artists. Illustrator portfolios in almost all commercial art forms; advertising, design, corporate, publishing, educational, editorial, illustrative journalism (including cartoon/ humorous), medical and pharmaceutical, installation, animation, interactive, sci-fi, comic book art. Writers in children's books and in adult fiction and non-fiction.

John Brewster Creative Services

Marty Baumann, Doron Ben Ami, Lane duPont, Roger Chandler, Ken Gamage, Glenn Gustafson, Steve Harrington, Seth Larson, Shayne Letain, Alan Neider, Jack Pennington, Chris Peterson, Jon & Georgina Rosenbaum, Robert Shields, James Silvani, Suzanne Simmons, Sharif Tarabay

Riley Illustration

Riley Illustration represents artists and illustrators. Searchable online database of original artwork. Benoit, Lauren Simkin Berke, George Booth, William Bramhall, Jonathan Burton, Mara Cerri, Sara Fanelli, Jeffrey Fisher, Rebecca Gibbon, Edward Koren, Pierre Le-Tan, Lee Lorenz, Flavio Morais, Robert Andrew Parker, Philippe Petit-Roulet, Emmanuel Pierre, Giselle Potter, Victoria Roberts, Mark Von Ulrich, Liuna Virardi, Philippe Weisbecker, Sarah Wilkins.

Artworks Illustration

Artworks Illustration has been in the art business since 1990 . Our artists work in all mediums from oils to digital. We specialize in romance, sci-fi, fantasy, historic, still-life and childen's book art.

Richard Solomon

Niklas Asker, Kent Barton, James Bennett, Tim Bower, Paul Cox, Kinoko Y. Craft, Eric Drooker, Michal Dziekan, Thomas Ehretsman, Jon Foster, Chris Gall, Rudy Gutierrez, Tyler Jacobson, David Johnson, Gary Kelley, Murray Kimber, Edward Kinsella III, Dongyun Lee, Maria Corte Maidagan, Gregory Manchess, Ricardo Martinez, John Mattos, Goni Montes, Yan Nascimbene, Tran Nguyen, C. F. Payne, Bill Sanderson, Jason Seiler, Douglas Smith, Mark T. Smith, Guy Stauber, Chase Stone, Mark Summers, Chris Whetzel, Andrew R. Wright, Ted Wright

Susan and Company

Representing Greg Stadler, Larry Jost, Fred Ingram, Carolyn Vibbert, Wendy Edelson, Linda Holt Ayriss, Bryn Barnard, George Cheney, Eric Larsen, Bob Bredemeier, Lisa Henderling, Chris Hinrichs, Kenneth Huey, Kelly Hume, Nina Laden, Mark Monlux, Stephen Peringer, Stephen Peringer, John Schmelzer

Suzanne Craig

Cameron Clement, Scott Dawson, Tim Jessell, Bruce Eagle, Robin Kachantones, Michael Hogue, David Merrell, Martha Anne Booth, Gary Locke

those three reps

We are the bridge between the vision and the visual. Those 3 Reps represents nationally recognized and award winning photographers & illustrators that utilize their creativity to collaborate and deliver exceptional creative assets. Our success is built on the foundation of knowledge, enthusiasm, adaptability & ethical values. We've been promoting creative brilliance for over 24 years. Representing Eric Cash, Michael Crampton, Jon Flaming, Narda Lebo, James Nelson, Mark Ross, Benjamin Vincent

Carole Newman Associates

Carole Newman founded our company in 1989. Carole Newman & Associates is a Creative Resource Agency and we work with an extensive range of creative talent, both digital and traditional. This includes, but is not limited to, Designers, Photographers, Illustrators, 3D, Digital, and Interactive Artists. Represented Adrian Chesterman, Corey Wolfe, Eddie Young, Fiona Gilbert, Gino Hasler, Jim Haynes, Joe Cibere, John Rowe, Jon Watson, Larry Reinhart, Maria Rabinky, Ned Levine, Pat Turner, Patrick Jones, Paul Shipper, Rob Fiore, Robert Kalafut, Scott Angle


For over 30 years FOLIO has represented talented illustrators and artists from every corner of the world. They've worked with all of the biggest names in advertising, publishing and press and have helped produce some of the most recognizable and highly regarded commercial artwork from the last three decades. Today, they continue to work, still at the forefront of the illustration world.

Retro Reps

"Yesterday's Styles...Available Today", features the retro illustration, lettering and photography work of over 30 artists including: Atomic Battery Co., Steve Chorney, Steve Vance, John Kleber, Scott McDougall, David Moore, Glenn Reid, Robert Florczak, Owen Smith, Robert Gunn, A.J. Garces, Jim Lange, Bradley Clark. Artists work in styles from the 1920s to the 1960s in media including oils, gouache, digital, line art and collage.

Anna Goodson Management

Anna Good­son Man­age­ment (AGM), an in­no­va­tive, bou­tique-​style agen­cy serv­ing the glob­al mar­ket­ing needs of the vi­su­al arts com­mu­ni­ty. Draw­ing on a proven track record of vi­sion, in­sight and in­ge­nu­ity, AGM rep­re­sents some of the most cel­e­brat­ed il­lus­tra­tors from around the world - as far away as Aus­tralia and Ar­genti­na. Found­ed in 1996, AGM is driv­en by pas­sion and a com­mit­ment to pro­vid­ing ex­cep­tion­al per­son­al ser­vice to artists and clients. Today, AGM's artists work with some of the lead­ing ad­ver­tis­ing agen­cies, de­sign firms, mag­a­zines, pub­lish­ers and news­pa­pers in the world.

Morgan Gaynin Inc


Meiklejohn Illustration

Working with clients across the globe in advertising, design, new media and publishing, we represent artists who specialize in many styles and genres; photorealism, digital, pastiche, retro advertising, mixed media, graphic, comic strip, contemporary, flat colour, engraving, caricature, technical, character design. Representing: Andrew Farley, Ben Scruton, Bente Schlick, Blindsalida, BOB, Charles Bell, Charlie Hill, Christine Berrington,, Claire Clements, Cristina Guitian, Doug Sirois, Edmond Davis, Garry Parsons, Garry Walton, Gary Redford, Gary West, Giannelli, Hannah George, James Macfarlane, Jerry Hoare, Jo Bird, John Rielly, Ken Gamage, Kevin February, Malcolm Tween, Marc Arundale, Maxwell Dorsey, Michael Crampton, NAF, Nick Chaffe, Patrick Knowles, Paul Boston, Paul Sample, Pete Harrison, Phil Schramm, Piers Sanford, Stephen Dumayne, Steve Read, Terence Lawlor, Tom Redfern, Tony McSweeney, Warren Madill, A.K.A., Adhemas Batista, Adrian Chesterman, Alan Cracknell

Agencia de Ilustradores ZEGMA

Spanish agency that can advise you about the most appropriate illustrator for your project, or for your client's trademark or product. In contrast to the kind of risks one can face when working with an illustrator, at ZEGMA our team all have extensive experience working in advertising and know how to meet deadlines and respect the fundamental values of a trademark or product. With Zegma you will avoid the classic risks of the "unknown illustrator". Representing Arnal Ballester, Begoña Chezz, Jose Luis Merino, Luci Gutierrez, Luisa Vera, Martin Tognola, Miguel Ordoñez, Montse Bernal,

Kate Larkworthy Artist Representation

Kate Larkworthy Artist Representation is an agency that represents illustrators worldwide. Represents the following Illustrators: Bee, Montse Bernal, Riki Blanco, Dieter Braun, Sarah Cline, Delicatessen, Nick Dewar, Emily Flake, Miguel Gallardo, Ben Goss, Luci Gutiérrez, Leah Hayes, Ryan Heshka, Michael Hill, Orlando Hoetzel, Thomas Kuhlenbeck, José Luis Merino, Keiko Morimoto, David Navascues, Toko Ohmori, Ulla Puggaard, Edwina White

MB Artists

MB Artists represents illustrators whose work is primarily intended for the juvenile market in books, editorial publications, licensed merchandise, advertising, toys, game boards or other applications. Previously known as HK Portfolio, the agency currently represents over 60 illustrators in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, England and Italy. The majority of the artists represented have many years of professional experience, while some are the emerging talents of tomorrow. All are dedicated to the art of illustrating for children. Additional portfolios by the following artists can be viewed at : Virgina Allyn, Laura Arias, Constanza Basaluzzo, Tiphanie Beeke, Valentina Belloni, Hector Borlasca, Linda Bronson, Nan Brooks, Abby Carter, Mattia Cerato, Randy Chewning, Valeria Cis, Steve Cox, Carolyn Croll, Bandelin Dacey Studios, Jack E. Davis, Valeria Docampo, Eldon Doty, Kathi Ember, Carolina Farias, Peter Francis, Monica Gutierrez, Claudine Gévry, Daniel Griffo, Jannie Ho, Laura Huliska-Beith, Ivanke & Lola, Olga & Aleksey Ivanov, Ian Joven, Susan Keeter, Anne Kennedy, Kristin Kest, Aga Kowalska, Anthony Lewis, Stephen Lewis, Margeaux Lucas, Tammie Lyon, Colleen Madden, Ghani Madueno, John Manders, Hiroe Nakata, Yevgenia Nayberg, Macky Pamintuan, Cecilia Rébora, Mike Reed, Michael Reid, Paul Eric Roca, Rémy Simard, Jamie Smith, Pete Smith, Kristin Sorra, Gabriele Tafuni, Jomike Tejido, George Ulrich, John Wallace, Donald Wu, Sachiko Yoshikawa and Jennifer Zivoin.

Three In A Box

Representing Illustrators Worldwide. Dwight Allott, Wesley Bates, Bellebrute, Francis Blake, Dominic Bugatto, Gary Bullock, Todd Carosielli, Sophie Casson, John Coburn, Matthew Daley, Ken Dewar, Ron Dollekamp, Peter Ferguson, Claire Fletcher, Steven Hall, David Haughey, Paul Howalt, Kelly Hume, Rick Jacobson, Trevor Keen, Kveta, Adrian Lubbers, Claire Manning, Derek Matthews, Kevin McSherry, Belle Mellor, Ian Mitchell, Harry Moore, Steve Munday, Trevor Nelson, Sandy Nichols, Luc Normandin, Martin O’Neill, Guy Parsons, Jacopo Rosati, Matt Roussel, Lars Rudebjer, Mikko Sallinen, Otto Steininger, Supertott, Joanna Szachowska, Jode Thompson, Zsolt Vidak, Jon Watson, Dave Whamond, Russ Willms, Cam Wilson, Stephanie Wunderlich


Full service artists' representatives for internationally recognized, award-winning illustrators and animators.
For over thirty years, we have handled everything from individual illustrations to large volume projects and complex animations.
Our clients represent the best in advertising, corporate design and publishing, as well as broadcast, film, web, apps, illustrated e-books and games. We also create art for museum and large-scale installations.
Our staff includes art directors and design professionals who oversee assignments from inception to delivery.
We make it our business to consistently produce wonderfully creative imagery for our exceptional clients.
Representing: Nicole Alesi, Samantha Asri, Tatevik Avakyan, Rowan Barnes-Murphy, Nathalie Beauvois, Craig Bowman, Robin Boyer, Bill Bruning, Esther Bunning, Scott Burroughs, Dia Calhoun, Alex Camacho, Richard Carbajal, Amy Cartwright, Elisa Chavarri, Mark Collins, Greg Copeland, Troy DeShano, Fusi, Dave Garbot, Michael Garland, Patrick Gnan, Ted Hammond, Hoare, Sharon and Joel Harris, Nancy Harrison, Richard Hoit, Kelly Hume, Ross Jones, Bob Kayganich, Erika LeBarre, Stevie Mahardhika, Dan McGeehan, Cinzah Merkens, Brian Edward Miller, David Moore, J.T. Morrow, Herbert Mudsam, Glen Mullaly, Out of Our Minds Studios, Bob Ostrom, Daron Parton, Anton Petrov, Andrew Pinkham, Sylvie Pinsonneaux, Jimenez Pintos, Dede Putra, Jesse Reisch, Cindy Revell, Peter Richardson, Tin Salamunic, John Schreiner, Ian Seo, Simon Shaw, Gerad Taylor, Jo Tronc, Denise Turu, Jazmin Varela, Ola Vola, Ralph Voltz, Yulia Vysotskaya, Laura Watson, Beck Wheeler, Martin Wickstrom, Amy Wummer, Eric Young

Martha Productions Inc

Represents illustrators working in a variety of styles - from realistic to comic, digital, retro, graphic and painterly. Artists include Steve Vance, Atomic Battery, Steve Chorney, Allen Garns, Jim Lange, David Moore, Dennis Mukai, Peter Siu, Joe & Kathy Heiner, Bob Brugger, Bradley Clark, Steve Keller, Catherine Leary, Wayne Watford. Other divisions: RetroReps (showcasing vintage styles from the 1920s through 1960s), Artinforms (informational graphics) and IconArtReps (character design and development).

Vicki Prentice Associates

Our Illustrators create Visual Art that communicates a message. Original Illustration inspires, educates, informs, motivates, and positively affects and colors the world around us. Invest in originality and creative thinking. SAY IT WITH ART! Representing creative genius, one client, one project at a time. Representing Joe Baker, Eliot Bergman, Gerry Borsellino, Joan Farber, Joe Farnham, Ted Johnson, Lilya, Martin Mayo, John Pack, John Parra, Deborah Schilling, andrew Shiff, Rick Whipple, Peter Winnett

Sweet Represents

M.L. Blatt, Dick Cole, Jonathan Combs, Georgie Deaver, Marc Ericksen, Robert Evans, Ben Garvie, Randy Glass, Bryan Haynes, Roger Hill, Kent Leech, Derek Mueller, Will Nelson, Steven Noble, Todd Nordling, Katherine Salentine, Scott Sawyer, Bruce Wolfe


Sally Heflin, founder of heflinreps, represents the following artists: Dennis Balogh, Izhar Cohen, Penny Dann, Owen Freeman, Alex Gross, Tatsuro Kiuchi, Charlotte Knox, Peter Malone, Annabelle Metayer, Rutu Modan, Joe Morse, Oscar T. Perez, Hanoch Piven, Paul Rogers, Jared Andrew Schorr, Meilo So, Mark Todd, Beegee Tolpa, and Ping Zhu. Please visit our website to see our portfolios.

Marlena Agency

Our company has been active in the art world since 1990, representing acclaimed international artists and illustrators. Representing Lincoln Agnew, Frédéric Benaglia, Serge, Bloch, Francesco Bongiorni, Anne-Lise Boutin, Gary Clement, Jerome Corgier, Gianni De Conno, André Da Loba, Karine Daisay, Selçuk Demirel, Gerard DuBois, Linda Helton, Carole Henaff, Hadley Hooper, Mariko Jesse, Federico Jordán, Gwenda Kaczor, Rakefet Kenaan, Benny Lau, Jean-François Martin, Scott McKowen, Catherine Meurisse, Umberto Mischi, Enrique Moreiro, Pep Montserrat, Pierre Mornet, Agata Endo-Nowicka, Istvan Orosz, Gianpaolo Pagni, Lorenzo Petrantoni, Lauren Rolwing, Christian Roux, Dawid Ryski, Miguel Santamarina, Roland Sárkány, Sibylle Schwarz, Carmen Segovia, Lasse Skarbövik, Waldemar Swierzy, Tomasz Walenta, Michael Woloschinow, Olimpia Zagnoli, Oresta Zevola, Paul Zwolak

Blasco Creative

Welcome to Blasco Creative…representing a talented group of over 40 illustrators specializing in a range of medium: scratchboard, digital, cut paper, acrylic, oil, 2-D and 3-D and a variety of styles: photo-realistic, sci fi, children’s publishing, editorial, still life. Blasco Creative’s range of talent makes finding THE illustrator for your project an easy assignment. Blasco Creative enjoys a strong client base including advertising agencies, pharmaceutical companies, toy companies, magazine and book publishers, sporting goods manufacturers and distributors, and websites. Please visit our website at As you browse, you will recognize why Blasco Creative should be your destination website for illustration needs. You’ll view up to 95 images for each artist, and we can send you additional images if needed. Our artists are featured in The Workbook, Theispot, and The Directory of Illustration and the sourcebook Play.


Illustrators' representative. Representing Martin Blanco, Danijela Caran, Glen Hanson, Kerrie Hess, Anne K. Higgins, Shellie K., Alicia Keshishian, Frank Montagna, Luisa Montalto, Stefan Page, Neryl Walker, Michael Weldon, Jay McCarroll

Good Illustration

Good Illustration Ltd is a family-run agency with the perfect mix of experience and youth. Founded by scraper board illustrator, Steve Thorogood in 1977, the company is now in its second generation, with 32 years experience in the illustration industry. Respected and trusted by leading advertising agencies, publishing houses, media groups, newspapers and brands across the globe, Good Illustration has always been proud to represent a wealth of talented illustrators with a diverse range of styles and techniques. What makes a good illustration? Check out our talented team to find out... UK: +44 (0) 208 123 0243 USA: +1 (347) 627 0243 Good Illustration Ltd 11-15 Betterton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9BP United Kingdom --> Follow us Twitter: Flickr: Facebook:

Store 44 Reps

For over a decade, Store 44 Reps has curated an eclectic mix of contemporary photographers and illustrators from around the globe, matching savvy clients with fine artists for advertising, editorial, and interior design projects.

Ann Koeffler

Conceptual, editorial and character design. Representing Cachetejack, Marianne Chevalier, Roger Chouinard, Dick Cole, Bea Crespo, Wade Harris, Catherine Huerta, Andrea Jensen, Mercedes McDonald, Melissa McGill, Renee Nault, Will Nelson, Rik Olson, Vigg, Agnes Yi

Frank & Jeff Lavaty

With over seventy years in the business, Frank & Jeff Lavaty & Associates is the oldest artist representative firm in the United States. From the beginning, they have represented distinguished artists, such as Ken Riley and Tom Lovell, and they continue the tradition of excellence with many of today's finest illustrators from the United States and Europe. Representing Lori Anzalone, Yuan Lee, Chris Duke, Ben Verkaaik, Peter Scanlon, Robert Logrippo, Dom D1Andrea, Craig Attebery, Steven Adler, Don Demers, Neal Hughes, Sal Catalano, Shannon Stimweis, Carlos Ochagavia, Ken Goldammer, David McCall Johnston, Roger Xavier, John Paul Genzo, David Jermann, Rick Reeves, Roger Lundquist, Bernard D1Andrea, Paul DiMare, Don Daily, Werner Willis, Gervasio Gallardo, Grant Jerding, Tom Brenner, Jeff Fitz-Maurice, Dick Scullin, Don Mannes, Kevin Murphy, Don Demers, David Biedrzycki

AA Reps (American Artists)

For over 80 years AA Reps (American Artists Representatives) has been the benchmark for excellence in creative artist management, project execution and delivery. Our elite group of U.S. and International based talent coupled with our experienced management team provides the backbone for our exceptional value-added service that extends throughout the creative process. Our attention to minute details, and facilitation skills has garnered a loyal following of blue-chip clientele who have come to depend on AA Reps for their most important and demanding projects. Ultimately they are rewarded with a unique creative solution, that has been individually crafted by our talented artists’and staff. Below is a short list of our satisfied customers: Corporations and Brands: Acura, Adidas, Ambien CR, American Express, BMW, Ben & Jerry’s, Best Buy, Canon, Celestial Seasonings, Coca Cola, Coors Brewing, Frito Lay, Genentech, Hasbro, IBM, Lexus, McDonald’s Mastercard, Mattel, Mercedes, Microsoft, Miller Brewing, Nickelodeon, Nike, Pepsi, Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Taco Bell, Target, Universal, Advertising Agencies: Abelson & Taylor, Arnold Worldwide, Baron & Baron, BBDO, BBH, Carmichael Lynch, Crispin Porter, DDB, Goodby Silverstein, Harrison & Starr, JWT, McCann Erickson, Ogilvy & Mather, Publicis, RPA, Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare, Team One, TBWA Chiat Day, Wieden & Kennedy, and Young & Rubicam. Editorial: FHM, Golf Digest, Harcourt Brace, Hearst Publishing, Maxim, National Geographic, New Yorker, New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Scientific American, Time, Travel & Leisure, Vanity Fair, Wall Street Journal, & Wired. Publishing: Avon Books, Ballantine Books, Bantam Doubleday, Behrman House, Leapfrog, Little Brown, McDougall Littell, McGraw Hill Books, Oxford University Press, Penguin USA, Scott Foresman, and Warner Books Services Provided: AA Reps provides a wide area of motion, print and web based services through our talent network they include: Motion and Web Services: 3D Animation and Special FX, 3D Product Prototyping, Flash Animation, Flash Game Development and Web Design and Programming. Print and Design Services: Our group of creative artists work in a variety of different mediums to create outstanding, recognizable imagery in areas such as: Animal Renderings, Digital Illustration Fashion, Food and Product Rendering, Logo Designs, Medical Imagery, Packaging Design, Photography and Photo FX, & Technical Renderings, Urban and Youth Culture Branding and Images.

Mendola Artists

Representing Illustration Artists: Birgit Amadori, Steve Anderson, Caroline Attia, Jonathan Ball, Robert M. Ball, Shelly Bartek, Russell Benfanti, Ron Berg, Black Balloon Studio, Chris Boyd, Jude Buffum, CandyLab, Gwenola Carrere, Echo Chernik, Steven Chorney, Michael Crampton, Mona Daly, Dellorco Design, Amy DeVoogd, Cathy Diefendorf, Digital Progression, John Taylor Dismukes, Neil Duerden, Julia Green, Michael Halbert, Diane Hays, Charlie Hill, Bunky Hurter, Robert Hynes, Kenny Kiernan, Kim & James, Anne Kobayashi, Kopp Illustration, Bill Ledger, Jeffrey Mangiat, Bill Maughan, Brendan McCaffrey, Geoff McCormack, Mick McGinty, Milky Tea, Miracle Studios, Michael Morris, Arthur Mount, Robert Neubecker, Tom Newsom, Christopher Nick, Chris Notarile, Linda S. Nye, Sean Parkes, Annick Poirier, pokedstudio, Kevin Rechin, Frank Riccio, Linda Richards, John Rowe, Aaron Sacco, Sandbox Digital Playground, Francesco Santalucia, Heidi Schmidt, James Shepherd, Dan Sipple, Christian Slade, Studio Distract, Hugh Syme, Jim Talbot, Dahl Taylor, Joseph Taylor, The Image Foundation, Amy Vangsgard, Jeff Wack, Sam Ward, Mike Wimmer, Ed Wisinski, Keith Witmer, Boris Zlotsky, Zutto, Liv Bargman, Ben Cain, Matthew Cook, Lucy Davey, Andrew Davidson, Kate Forrester, Heather Gatley, Sarah Gibb, Nathan Lord, Peter Malone, Sarah McMenemy, Dominic Mylroie, Swan Park, Debbie Powell, Niroot Puttapipat, Matthew Scott, Rosie Scott, Daniela Terrazzini, Mary Woodin, Christopher Wormell

Melissa Turk Rep

Representing Ka Botzis, Paul Casale, Drew-Brook-Cormack, Chris Collingwood, Janice Fried, Pedro Julio Gonzalez, Martha Gradisher, Joel Ito, Virge Kask, Kathleen Kemly, Nancy Lane, Pam Leavens, Joe LeMonnier, Ashley Mims, Kevin O'Malley, Michael Rothman, Wendy Smith, Bridget Starr Taylor, BK Taylor, Mary Teichman, Neecy Twinem and Sally Mara Sturman. Keywords: Maps, Children's Book, Editorial, Humorous, Characters, Asian, Historical, Spiritual Growth, Animals, Photo Realistic, Painterly, Animals, Watercolor, Pastel, Digital

Friend + Johnson

With offices in NYC, Chicago and San Francisco representing: Patrick Hruby, Jill Calder, Jimmy Zombie, Wendy MacNaughton, Ann Field, Sean Mosher-Smith, Tim Tomkinson, Paul Wearing, Brian Cairns

i2i Art Inc.

i2i Art Inc. is a leading illustration agency representing an international group of award-winning illustrators. Proudly representing: Gary Alphonso, Eric Chow, Jillian Ditner, Katy Dockrill, Betsy Everitt, Mark Hoffmann, Janice Kun, Eili-Kaija Kuusniemi, Margaret Lee, Dave Murray, Monika Melnychuk, Clare Owen, Phil, Thom Sevalrud, Rémy Simard, Greg Stevenson, Angelica Yiacoupis,Tim Zeltner

Prima Linea

Olivier Balez, Jingfei Li, Benoit, Jean-Christophe Lie, Blutch, Jacques de Loustal, François Chalet, Lorenzo Mattotti, Anna-Paola Civardi, Richard McGuire, Marc Clamens, Philippe Petit-Roulet, Paul Cox, Michel Pirus, Pierre Di Sciullo, Rabaté, Cyrille Drevon, Romain Slocombe, Dupuy-Berberian, Grégoire Solotareff, Laurence Jammes, Art Spiegelman, Kimiko, Philippe Vuillemin

Irmeli Holmberg

Working with clients from all over the world, Irmeli connects commercial illustrators and visual artists to publishers, ad agencies and other businesses looking for original artwork. Whether you need photo illustrations, infographics, retro or realism, find it here with Irmeli Holmberg. Browse our gallery today and connect with the right artist for your next project. Representing Aardvart Illustrations, Amy Adams, Kristin Barr, Rogerio Borges, Robert Byrd, Camila DeGodoy, Viviana Diaz, Andrea Ebert, Louise Ellis, Anna-Liisa Hakkarainen, Mariano Mercado, Suzanne Mogensen, Mark Preston, Vivian Suppa, Lydia Taranovic, Tirza van Hensbergen, Cinzia & Valentina Illustration, Agnes Yi, Carmen Garcia, Melanie Barnes, Rita Chow, Jo Empson, William Ersland, Ken Laidlaw, Tina Bela Limer, Meredith Nieves, Steven Noble, AnnMari Olsson, John Shipperbottom, Hannele Wanha-aho

Agent 002

Europeen agency in Paris with 30 international illustrators.

Illustrators has been successfully representing some of the finest illustrators, photographers and designers for over twenty years. During that time we have serviced such accounts as Disney, Rolling Stone Magazine and Procter & Gamble, just to name a few. Business is evenly split between Advertising Agencies, Corporations, Graphic Design Studios and Publishing Firms. We've put together this site to make choosing qualified personnel simple and easy, while providing marketing solutions for talented professionals. If while browsing our site, you didn't see that "just right" style, chances are, with our extensive data-base, we can connect you up to the right person. Representing: Wendy Wassink-Ackison, David Aikins, Michael Bonilla, Robert Brünz, Ron Croci, Robin Cuddy, Don Dennis, Stephen Dittberner, Jake Ellison, Bill Fox, Fred Grigg, Judy Hand, Alfred Kamajian, Jeanine Kinchelo, Chuck Marshall, Misty Maxwell, Duane Orlemann, Jack Pennington, Randy Rogers, John Sledd, Tommy Thomson, Kevin Torline, Christina Wald, John Q. Right

Good Illustration Ltd.

Thorogood Illustration represent a team of 30 international illustrators working in the fields of advertising, design, publishing, editorial, animation, new media and TV. Hashim Akib, Glen Baxter, Peter Blandamer, Alison Barratt,david bromley,peter byatt,bill dare,nicky dupays,juliet dallas conte,daniel egneus,anne yvonne gilbert, Dan Hambe, Robin Heighway-Bury, Kanako Yuzuru, Roy Knipe, Piotr Lesniak, Carol Morley, Philip Nicholson, Chris Perry, Georgia Peters, Mikki Rain, Nicola Slater, Jane Spencer, Bob Venables, Phil Wheeler, Rachael Wilkinson, John Woodcock, Amy Potts, Elliott Golden, Christiane Engel

Salzman International

Providing the most professional and talented illustrators in the country for over twenty years. Representing Elizabeth Berrien, Davide Bonazzi, Denise Hilton Campbell, Kristen Funkhouser, Tobias Hall, Mark Hallett, Aaron Kober, Man One, Everett Peck, Kevin Pope, Greg Shed, Mark Smith, Debbie Tilley, Caroline Tomlinson, Oliver Winward

Painted Words

Painted Words, formerly Lori Nowicki & Associates (established in 1992) was launched in 2006. The company currently represents illustrators and authors in the children's publishing, advertising and editorial marketplace. It is our mission to develop writers and illustrators in order to create authentic works for the children's publishing market and beyond. Our goal is to provide the utmost in representation for illustrators and authors while placing a unique emphasis on developing characters, books and licensed properties. Representing steve adams, gene barretta, barroux, tim beaumont, binny, linda bleck, jan bryan-hunt, nancy gayle carlson, keith campbell, mircea catusanu, sue cornelison, stephen costanza, sarah dillard, jill dubin, phillip fickling, todd goldman, elise gravel, gabrielle grimard, john huxtable, molly idle, london ladd, huy voun lee, maranda maberry, steve mack, Josée masse, kate merritt, harry moore, vanessa brantley newton, nomar perez, susan reagan, kristina rodanas, mark rogalski, Rogé, jessica secheret, michael slack, betsy snyder, soud, shadra strickland, betsy thompson, erica villnave, mike wesley, julia woolf, cat Zazà, elizabeth zunon, kevin zimmer, doodle garage

Sharpshooter Creative Representation INc.

Specializing in Sourcing Visual Talent plus Creative Project Management. Digital Illustrator Photography Painterly Line Scratchboard Illustration Photo-Realism Realism Painting Logo Graphic Artist architecture food product animals people advertising lettering Sports Stylized Whimsical Food People Cars Technical Packaging Poster Oil Painting Photography Fruit Beverage Portrait Editorial Publishing Location Digital Photography Digital Retouching Watercolour Birds Animals Dogs Cats Landscape Pastoral

Pat Hackett

Equipped with a B.S. in Biological Sciences, half an M.B.A. and no art experience whatsoever, Pat opened her art repping doors in 1979. Thirty years and several gray hairs later, she still thinks she has the best job in the world. She works out of her office in Seattle, with a Golden Retriever under her desk and a lovely view of Lake Washington out the window. Represents Bryan Ballinger, Kooch Campbell, Jonathan Combs, Eldon Doty, Ed Fotheringham, John Fretz, Lilly Lee, Bruce Morser, Mark Zingarelli

Freeman, Lisa

Aimee Camilien, Danawi, Susan Gal, Todd Graveline, Sara Love, Hector Martinez, Tracy Mitchell, Susan Moore, Einat Peled, Luisa Vera, Adrienne Yan
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