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Melissa Turk Rep

  • web site:
  • contact: Melissa Turk
  • phone: 845-368-8606
  • email:
  • Representing Ka Botzis, Paul Casale, Drew-Brook-Cormack, Chris Collingwood, Janice Fried, Pedro Julio Gonzalez, Martha Gradisher, Joel Ito, Virge Kask, Kathleen Kemly, Nancy Lane, Pam Leavens, Joe LeMonnier, Ashley Mims, Kevin O'Malley, Michael Rothman, Wendy Smith, Bridget Starr Taylor, BK Taylor, Mary Teichman, Neecy Twinem and Sally Mara Sturman. Keywords: Maps, Children's Book, Editorial, Humorous, Characters, Asian, Historical, Spiritual Growth, Animals, Photo Realistic, Painterly, Animals, Watercolor, Pastel, Digital
    • Submitted by: melissa turk
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    • Added: Jul. 12, 2006
    • Last Modified: May. 16, 2013