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Meiklejohn Illustration

  • web site:
  • contact: Alice Wilkinson or Clair Meiklejohn
  • phone: +44 (0) 20 7593 0500
  • email:
  • Working with clients across the globe in advertising, design, new media and publishing, we represent artists who specialize in many styles and genres; photorealism, digital, pastiche, retro advertising, mixed media, graphic, comic strip, contemporary, flat colour, engraving, caricature, technical, character design. Representing: Andrew Farley, Ben Scruton, Bente Schlick, Blindsalida, BOB, Charles Bell, Charlie Hill, Christine Berrington,, Claire Clements, Cristina Guitian, Doug Sirois, Edmond Davis, Garry Parsons, Garry Walton, Gary Redford, Gary West, Giannelli, Hannah George, James Macfarlane, Jerry Hoare, Jo Bird, John Rielly, Ken Gamage, Kevin February, Malcolm Tween, Marc Arundale, Maxwell Dorsey, Michael Crampton, NAF, Nick Chaffe, Patrick Knowles, Paul Boston, Paul Sample, Pete Harrison, Phil Schramm, Piers Sanford, Stephen Dumayne, Steve Read, Terence Lawlor, Tom Redfern, Tony McSweeney, Warren Madill, A.K.A., Adhemas Batista, Adrian Chesterman, Alan Cracknell
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