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RABZ Fantasy Art & Illustration

Fantasy art, illustration, and portraiture of the artist and illustrator. Illustrations used for advertising, packaging, book covers and the gaming industries.

Rachelle Maynard

A whole big bag of fun in a non bag format.

Radzinski, Kandy

Freelance artist/Illustrator of Children's Books, greeting cards, posters, note cards, catalogs, and other commercial media primarily utilizing watercolor, and pen and ink.

Rai, Subhas

Illustrations for advertising, poster, cover and spot illustration for publications. Pop Art, Digital Collage, Mix Media.


Raid71 is the aka of Chris Thornley recently made infamous with his redesign of the Apple (silohuette steve jobs) CLIENTS: ESPN, Gola, NME, Levi, Threadless, Mercury records, MacUser, Fortean Times, Hasbro, X-Games, Mercedes and Lego. Applications for my work include: commercial and private commissions, editorial work for magazines and newspapers aimed at modern culture and society as well as science and technology and childrens books. AWARDS Lancashire award for creativity Adobe creativity award - character design AOI Images 33 - Silver award EXHIBITIONS My work has appeared in exhibition across the globe in both solo and group shows,

Ram, Damian

High quality 3D illustration and visualization. Photorealistic renderings for product, Packaging, design, advertising and architecture. Our 3D renderings have been used for magazine covers, websites, advertising campaigns, NPD / consumer research, product design and many other areas.

Rama, Sue

Whimsical illustration combining a fine art and child-like sensibility for children, children's books, editorial and gift books, using watercolor and collage, .

Rama, Sue

Sue Ramá is an award-winning illustrator that combines a child-like and fine art sensibility. She has illustrated over fifteen books for children. Sue uses traditional and digital media, often in digital collage. She is known for her intelligence, sensitivity and her narrative sense, particularly her ability to convey expression. She is also a gifted watercolorist, portrait painter and whiteboard animator.

Ramazan, Seid

Home page for Seid Ramazan Illustration. illustration, digital art, 3-d or 3d illustration, electronic, whimsical, conceptual, colorful, stylized, cutting edge, edgy.

Randy Glasbergen

Professional cartoon service for publishers and others. Includes daily update.

randy south Illustration

Digital Airbrush, Graphic, technical, Animation, Oil on canvas, Pencil drawing

Rapheal Schnepf

Photo-realistic airbrush illustration, oils, design.

Rapp, Gerald & Cullen

Representing Joseph Adolphe, Brian Ajhar, Raul Allen, Philip Anderson, Shino Arihara, Garin Baker, Daniel Baxter, Richard Beards, Brian Biggs, Stuart Briers, Nigel Buchanan, David M. Brinley, Lon Busch, Harry Campbell, Jonathan Carlson, Stephanie Dalton Cowan, Jack Davis, Robert de Michiell, Eamo Donnelly, Lee Duggan, John Dykes, The Dynamic Duo Studio, Edison, Jan Feindt, Phillip Fivel Nessen, Phil Foster, Mark Fredrickson, Arthur Giron, Asaf Hanuka, Tomer Hanuka, Peter Horjus, Peter Horvath, David Hughes, Celia Johnson, Douglas B. Jones, Federico Jordan, James Kaczman, Steve Keller, J.D. King, Laszlo Kubinyi, Jerome Lagarrigue, PJ Loughran, Bernard Maisner, Hal Mayforth, Sean McCabe, Grady McFerrin, Richard Mia, Bruce Morser, Alex Murawski, James O'Brien, Dan Page, Cara Petrus, Jerry Pinkney, John Pirman, Jean-Francois Podevin, Rafael Ricoy, Fred Rix, Marc Rosenthal, Alison Seiffer, Seth, Whitney Sherman, Jeffrey Smith, Riccardo Stampatori, James Steinberg, Sharon Tancredi, Elizabeth Traynor, Andy Ward, Anders Wenngren, Michael Witte, Noah Woods, Phil Wrigglesworth, Brad Yeo. We have represented award-winning editorial, conceptual, corporate, advertising and humorous illustrators since 1944.

Raszka, Brian

Conceptual illustration for editorial, advertising and design. Hand-drawn images, custom typography, icons and logo design. Line and color style output digitally. Creative, professional, fast, efficient and always on deadline. Clients have included: Adobe Magazine, Ad Age, The Atlantic Monthly, Bloomberg Financial, Chicago Tribune, Elle Magazine, J Walter Thompson, Macworld, New York Times, Novell Computer, Sony Music and many more. My work has been recognized by: Addy awards, Print's Regional Design Annual, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, Society of Illustrators of San Francisco and the Simon Rockower Award.

Rathke, Kathryn

Looking at one of Kathryn Rathke’s line-based illustrations can be a bit like working out a puzzle – was it created using one fluid and continuous line, or many? According to the Seattle-based artist she owes her drawing skills to family connections. Her grandmother taught her to draw and supplied her with books by Arthur Rackham, Maurice Sendak, and William Steig, while her father was president of an advertising agency and used to bring home reams of paper for her to practice on.

She has lots of other creative interests too. She learned to make leather masks in Italy, enjoys German experimental theatre, and sometimes throws parties where her friends must act out vignettes found in a 1912 children’s book called Entertainments for All the Year.

Kathryn did an MFA in Set Design at the University of Wisconsin but was always drawing on the side, sometimes accepting commissions from newspapers and magazines. Eventually she flipped things around and made her illustration work a full-time profession and set design became her hobby.

Kathryn does everything digitally in Photoshop and Illustrator using a Cintiq screen by Wacom.

If she’s doing portraiture work, she draws her subject many times over from different angles. This way she learns about the most important features of their face and can draw it in a way that makes it instantly recognisable.

The line is core to Kathryn’s style and her work is very fluid. Expressive and calligraphic, there’s a unique sense of gesture in her illustrations. She also uses crosshatching to develop surfaces in her images, using layers of lines of varying thickness to build up a texture.

Newsweek, NY Observer, Vanity Fair, Time Out, The Evening Standard, O Magazine, Brooks Sports, Penguin, Make Magazine, Smart Money, Rolling Stone and Welt am Sonntag are just some of Kathryn’s clients.

Reactor Artists Representatives

Tracy Wood, James Turner, Stephanie Power, Jamie Bennett, Tom Hunt, Carlos Marrero, Jamie Bennett, Roxanna Bikadoroff,Federico Botana, Blair Drawson, Henrik Drescher, Louis Fishauf, Bob Fortier, Carolyn Gowdy,Steven Guarnaccia,Margaret Hathaway, Tom Hunt, Huntley/Muir, Jeff Jackson, Jerzy Kolacz, Ross Macdonald, James Marsh, Simon Ng, Tomio Nitto, Alain Pilon, Stephanie Power, Bill Russell, Fiona Smyth, Maurice Vellekoop, Tracey Wood, Rene Zamic

Reagan, Susan

Whimsically stylized figures and juvenile illustrations are the focus of Susan's work. She has been illustrating for twenty four years with experience in editorial, children's publishing and greeting cards. Though created in a variety of techniques from watercolor to digitally mixed medias Susan's work has a fresh and distinctive look. Represented by Lori Nowicki at

Real Characters Inc

Character design and Costume creation, Advertising and design.

Reardon, Alex

Specializes in graphics, maps and diagrams.

Rébora, Cecilia

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Cecilia Rebora belongs to a creative family of painters, a sculptor, and a wood carver. As long as she can remember, Cecilia could be found with a crayon in her hand. Shortly after beginning her studies in the arts, Cecilia discovered that what she enjoyed most in life was telling stories with pictures. She studied for three years at the Josep Serra I Abella School of Fine Arts in Barcelona. It was there that she truly fell in love with the profession. She has since published 18 children’s books and contributes to a popular children’s magazine called Tareas E Ilustraciones. She and her husband, Luis, have welcomed a new edition to their family named Mateo, a delightful boy who sleeps most of the time. When not illustrating, she enjoys sipping a hot cappuccino and taking in the sun on a chilly morning. Cecilia’s goals are to continue illustrating for a very long time and to always see the smile on her son’s face.

Red Nose Studio

The endearing characters and intricate sets of award-winning Red Nose Studio’s 3-D illustrations draw the viewer in with wit, intelligence and charm. His work has appeared in advertising, magazines, newspapers and character development. Clients include Business Week, The New York Times, MTV, Family Fun, Maxim, Fast Company, Red Herring, How, Village Voice, Momentum Inc, and Nickelodeon. His work has been honored by The Society of Illustrators 3-D Salon, American Illustration and The Ozzie Awards, and his work has been featured in both How and Print magazines.

Reddyhoff, Nick

Nick is based in North Norfolk and shares his world with; his wife, Lucinda, his children, Tatiana, Zach, a golden labrador named Porridge and Milton the cat. His work is drawn freehand in illustrator, he has a passion for watches but never has the time. Recent clients include: Natwest, Cat Denim, MacUser, Digit magazine, Micheal Page.

Reed Silver, Judy

Judy Reed Silver's style focuses on an eclectic collage of illustration, design, photography, vintage and modern. She has been inspired by nature, vintage fabrics and silk Japanese kimonos, how they can be applied to surface design from rugs, stationary, shoes, T-shirts, tableware, bags, product packaging, store displays, posters, wall décor and how art as design can apply to our everyday living environment.  Judy creates for such clients as Sherwin-Williams, Disney, U.S.P.S., Emory University, Publix and The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. She has illustrated children's books and cookbooks for Chronicle Books and Simon & Schuster/Silver Burdett & Ginn. Her editorial clients range from Newsweek, Boston Globe, Bon Appetit, New England Journal of Medicine. She has exhibited in several one woman shows and national group shows of mono-types, giclee prints and illustrations, featured in Communication Arts Annual, The Society of Publication Designers Best Spot Illustrations & Brochures, Visions Magazine, How's Promotional Design Annual, Stir Magazine, and Taxi Design. She received her BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Reed, Lynn Rowe

Gouache and acrylic, or digital. Stylized, whimsical, funky, some for hip old folks and some created for children's book market.

Reed, Mike

Mike began freelance illustration after several years as the owner of Reelworks, an animation studio specializing in commercial and entertainment films. A regular contributor to The Minneapolis Star Tribune, he has taught illustration at both the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Rhode Island School of Design, and currently teaches part-time at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul. His highly textured, somewhat abstracted and sometimes zany style adapts to the needs of a wide range of clients, including advertising, design, editorial and juvenile publishing. Mike is the recipient of many prestigious illustration awards, including ones from Communication Arts, Print Magazine, Studio Magazine, AIGA and the Society of Illustrators. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two sons.

Reggie Stanton: Illustrator/Designer

Specializes in rendering for the entertainment industry and architectural firms.


A variety of styles - cartoon, watercolour, caricature, fimo and paper sculpture.Clients range from Wyeth Pharmacetical to Walt Disney! Winner of the Frank Langley Prize 2004 Winner of the DAG Award 2005

Reinfurt, Jon

Whimsical illustrations full of vibrant color and interesting characters. Clients include: American Airlines, Hanley Wood, NPR, Reader's Digest, Smart Money, Utne Reader, The Wall Street Journal and much more.

Reis, Thomas

Tom began work as senior art director for JP Morgan Chase in New York City, shortly after receiving his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1993. Two years later, he was illustrating for nationally-known publications, including Time magazine, Rolling Stone, the Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Business Week, TV Guide, Barron's, Forbes and Smart Money. Corporate clients have included MGM, Dupont and Colgate. Throughout his career, Reis has also worked as a fine artist, producing work with all the refinement that one would expect from a classically trained painter. His paintings are represented in numerous permanent and private collections throughout the United States. Tom currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. (Text provided courtesy the Museum of Arts and Sciences.)

Reisch, Jesse

Jesse is known for her stylized illustrations, embellished with color and whimsy. Her clients range from advertising, children's books, corporate, to editorial.

Remy Lepretre illustration

Remy Lepretre high end illustration : vivid color : art deco : iconic designs for your creative needs...


Rendermedia is a Digital Illustration and Animation company with a track record for producing High end imagery & Animation for Broadcast, Interactive and the Design Industries


darren booth, dav bordeleau, devon bowman, erin carty, kelly carty, marco cibola, kara fraser, kyle reed, jacqui oakley, dushan milic, vladamir yakobchuk, skodt mcnalty, brian young

Retro Reps

"Yesterday's Styles...Available Today", features the retro illustration, lettering and photography work of over 30 artists including: Atomic Battery Co., Steve Chorney, Steve Vance, John Kleber, Scott McDougall, David Moore, Glenn Reid, Robert Florczak, Owen Smith, Robert Gunn, A.J. Garces, Jim Lange, Bradley Clark. Artists work in styles from the 1920s to the 1960s in media including oils, gouache, digital, line art and collage.

Revelation Studios

Painterly, collage,conceptual, antiqued, figurative, eccentric illustration. Provides quality images for editorial, CD covers, book covers, motion pictures (courtesy Film Art LA)and advertising with a strong conceptual flare. Some clients include: Time, NY Times,Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Reader's Digest, and American Airlines American Way.

Revell, Cindy

Whimsical, fun illustration with lots of rich color, pattern and decorative borders. Children's books, editorial, advertising, corporate and greeeting cards.

Revels, Robert

Robert Revels graduated from Academy of Art University with a BFA in Illustration. Robert has worked in the illustration and graphics industry since 1994. Mr. Revels has worked on a variety of projects ranging from children's stories to large concert backdrops for artists such as Carlos Santana and U2.

Rice, John

John Rice is a nationally recognized realistic illustrator specializing in wildlife,science and nature, and "how to" illustration. His subjects include: fish, marine life, mammals, birds, reptiles, and dogs. Other subjects include: airplanes, automotive, children's books and "how to" illustration. Clients include: Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Ralph Lauren Fabric, Sweetheart Designs, Highlights for Children, Scholastic, NY Times Magazine, Esquire,Buckwear,Boyds Mills Publishing, ESPN Sports. Published works can also be found in advertising, textiles, fabric design,and television. A graduate of Syracuse University, Rice earned his BFA in illustration. John has received the Illustrator of the month award 3 times from Highlights for Children Magazine.

Richard Bennett-Illustration

Concept Illustrations & Storyboards for Film, Video Games and Animation.

Richard May

Cutting edge illustration and photography for print and design.

Richard Solomon

Joan Alturo, Niklas Asker, Kent Barton, Lili des Ballons, James Bennett, Ana Gomez Bernaus, Bomboland, Borja Bonaque, Tim Bower, Vanessa Branchi, Charles Chaisson, Wes L. Cockx, Maria Corte, Paul Cox, Eric Drooker, Michal Dziekan, Thomas Ehretsman, Maciej Frolow, Chris Gall, Daniel Goldfarb, Aytek Gurkan, Kofong Hsia, Bruce Hutchison, Piotr Jablonski, Tyler Jacobson, David Johnson, Eleni Kalorkoti, Gary Kelley, Edward Kinsella III, Dongyun Lee, Mengxin Li, Jianrong Lin, Lulu Lin, Michal Lisowski, Gregory Manchess, Ricardo Martinez, John Mattos, Gaston Mendieta, Zack Meyer, Tran Nguyen, Karla Ortiz, David Palumbo, Leonard Peng, Oscar Ramos, Rob Rey, FeiFei Ruan, Bill Sanderson, Sylvain Sarrailh, Jason Seiler, Douglas Smith, Mark T. Smith, Kevin Jay Stanton, Guy Stauber, Chase Stone, Mark Summers, Julia Yellow

Richard, Ilene

Fun, colorful, whimsical art specializing in the children's book market. Partial Client List: Random House, Scholastic, Grossett& Dunlap, Houghton Mifflin, Scott Foresman, Leapfrog, Sesame Street Magazine, New Moon Magazine, Brown Publishing, Kar-Ben

Richardson, Jack

Jack Richardson is an English illustrator in New York, with a clean and fresh comic book style that often features a touch of the unusual.

Originally from the South East of England, Jack is now based in Brooklyn where he does what he loves most – drawing.

Some of Jack’s main influences include the classic comic artists Alex Toth, Jean Giraud (Mœbius) and Hergé, as well as the painter Daniel Heidkamp and the photographer Robert Adams.

Jack took a foundation course at Hastings College in the UK, but beyond that his skills are self-taught. “My father is a professional illustrator, so as well as learning from him I got to see what is required beyond good ideas and draughtsmanship,” says Jack.

With his strong, expressive lines and flat colours, Jack’s style is rooted in the world of hero comics. He strives to bring a narrative to each individual image, and there is often an added layer of meaning, a hint of humour or something slightly unusual in his work.

Client List Vogue La Mer cosmetics Cosmic Strip (the band)

Richardson, John

Illustrator cartoonist specialising in comic book art, lichtenstein, figure work, disney type characters etc

richter, keren

Drawings of hipster kids get the Keren treatment and suddenly have amputated arms and fucked up teeth. Chicken drumsticks sprout wings and float about the mutants. Loose and fun.

Rick Lovell

Realistic and stylized digital and airbrush illustration for print and the web.

Rick Tulka

Rick Tulka Illustration. Rick's watercolor, pencil illustrations, and humorous caricatures have appeared in numerous American and European magazines, newspapers, and books including; Mad Magazine, People Weekly, Reader’s Digest, HarperCollins, Doubleday, New York Magazine, RollingStone, Le Monde, and Le Soir.

Riegel, Margaret

Margaret Riegel is an award-winning illustrator who works for many prominent national magazines, major metropolitan newspapers and Fortune 500 corporations. Since graduating from The Cooper Union School for the Advancement of Science and Art, Margaret has received many awards including ones from American Illustration, The Society of Publication Designers, and The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles. She has been recognized by several top trade publications and her work was exhibited in the “Illustrators of the New York Times” show at the Society of Illustrators in New York City. Margaret continues to work on a wide range of commercial commissions including corporate, editorial, advertising and publishing. Margaret lives in Manhattan with her husband, two kids and her large picture collection. Some clients have included: The Boston Globe, Business Week, Mademoiselle, Newsweek, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Travel & Leisure, The Washington Post, Coopers & Lybrand, Deloitte & Touche, Frankfurt Balkind, Merrill Lynch, Little Brown & Company, Oracle Communications, and Scholastic Books

Rieser, Bonnie

Seattle illustrator who creates collages with digital components and acrylic paint.

Rincon, Paula

Illustration for Children's Book, Educational New Media and Animation

Rizzotto, Lynn Titleman

Nationally-recognized children's book illustrator, Lynn Titleman Rizzotto presents her artwork and Children's Creativity Workshops (Hingham, MA).

RNA Studio

Croatian computer visualization company specializing in photorealistic architectural simulations and animation.

Rob Weideman

Conceptual editorial illustration leaning toward darker subjects.

Robert Arnow

Expressive, cutting-edge, freelance illustration and graphic design.

Robert Brunz

Commercial illustrator with colorful style which ranges from classic "New World" to graphics.

Roberta S. Rosenthal

Botanical illustration, nature, landscapes, still life and decorative floral and scientific art for editorial, advertising, giftware, stationary, greeting cards, postage stamps, magazines, books, posters, packaging and textiles. Images include: flowers, food, animals, Judaica, butterflies, insects, and fantasy. Member of the Society of Illustrators, Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and the American Society of Botanical Artists. Instructor of botanical art at the New York Botanical Gardens, Institute of Ecosystem Studies - Millbrook, NY and Catskill Artists Society. Clients include: The New York Times, Horticulture, Fine Gardening, Kitchen Gardening, Avon Books, Simon and Schuster, Victoria's Secret, Disney, The Republic of Palau, The Marshall Islands and Liberian Postal Service. Mona Lisa Award for Select web site January, 2004 for

Roberts, Scott

Scott Roberts has been making pictures his whole life and has worked as a freelance illustrator for over 25 years. His bold, graphic illustrations communicate concepts with economical use of imagery and a lack of visual clutter. Awards include The Illustrators Club of Washington, Print's Regional Design Annual, Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington, Society of Publication Designers, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and Society of Illustrators in New York. Clients include: U.S. News & World Report, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, American Express, Hewlett Packard, IBM, CitiFinancial, Entrepreneur, Southwest Airlines, US Airways, Harvard Business Review, Verizon, Smart Money, Barron's, Forbes, Consumer Report, Washington Post, Johns Hopkins Medicine. Scott lives and works in Bel Air, Maryland.

Robertson, Michael

Born and raised in northern Ohio, Michael graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in painting. He spent ten years as a toy designer and character developer, before trying his hand at illustration. His work has appeared on many children's products, greeting cards and magazines, and has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators. An avid collector of mid-century art and design since the 80's, Michael's vast array of influences include many modern masters such as Calder and Miro, as well as illustrators like Jim Flora, Alice and Martin Provensen, and Mary Bair. Michael lives in a spacious industrial warehouse loft in downtown Cleveland, where he enjoys painting, cooking and listening to the extensive collection of vintage soul, jazz, and Brazilian music he has acquired over the years.

Robinson, Jem

Contemporary digital illustration with a graphic feel. Ideas driven and executed in limited colour. Suitable for editorial, design, advertising and adult publishing work. Imagery often contains hundreds of layers and several areas of narrative interest. Work is always delivered on time.

Roccella Design Studio

Computer assisted architectural illustrations & 3D modeling.

Roda, Bot

Variety of humorous illustration styles for editorial, advertising and corporate use. Comps & storyboards in record time.

Rodriguez, Alecia

In 1994, Alecia was accepted to New World School of the Arts High School, a fine art conservatory for visual art in Miami, FL. Upon graduating high school, she received a full scholarship to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and majored in Fashion Design. Proceeding her first semester at RISD, she decided to transfer to the Atlanta College of Art in GA, majoring in Illustration. In 2002, Alecia graduated with a BFA, making the Dean’s list. Since graduation, Alecia has gained ample experience in Art/Design. Some clients include: Marvel Comics, Perry Ellis, Target, Coke, Disney/Pixar, DC Comics, etc.

Rodriguez, Robert

Born in New Orleans, Rodriguez has lived in California since 1965. He graduated from Chouinard Art Institute in 1969, and began freelancing as an illustrator. Over the years his style has evolved through many phases. He currently illustrates as himself and as the primary artist in his studio 24/7. Some of the projects he’s especially enjoyed working on include the poster for SuperBowl XXVI, The NFL for 2002 Christmas card , movie posters for The Two Jakes, The Jewel of the Nile, and City Slicker’s II, the dvd cover for The Adventures of Robin Hood, the NBA All-Star Game poster, basketball trading cards, six Ringling Bros. Circus posters, posters for the National Hispanic Scholarship fund, calendars and posters for the National Federation of Labor, many covers for Der Spiegel Magazine, theater posters for the Hartford Stage and the Mark Taper Forum. Rodriguez illustrated the Cesar Chavez postage stamp for the United States Postal Service and Designer Carl Herrman. Mr. Herrman has also commissioned Rodriguez for the Cinco De Mayo Stamp and the Celebrate the Century “1980’s” series of stamps. The Cinco De Mayo stamp was the first postage stamp ever jointly.commissioned by the United States and another country {Mexico} He has won five gold medals and four silver medals, as well as two Patrick Nagel Awards from SILA, the Hollywood Reporter Key Arts Award, many regional awards from across the country, the Airbrush Action Achievement Award, and the great teacher award from Art Center.

Roe, Monika

After graduating with a degree in graphic design, Monika Roe worked as an art director and creative director for ad agencies in Los Angeles and Indianapolis. Now a full-time illustrator, some of Monika's clients include: Microsoft, Toyota, Mattel, Diet Coke, Pantene, Coty, Conde Nast Publications, Penguin Group, Doubleday, Random House, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Time Inc., The Wall Street Journal, and Hallmark. Her work has been featured in STEP inside design magazine and Adweek. Monika's studio is located in the beautiful wine country of California's central coast, where she lives with her two pugs, Ladybug and Bumblebee. She likes Danish modern furniture, browsing estate sales and drinks way too much coffee.

Rogers, Jeff

Jeff Rogers is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator specializing in custom lettering of all shapes and sizes. Stocking his Brooklyn studio with paint brushes, pens, markers, and a couple of humongous computers, he creates unique and joyful work for a wide range of smart clients.

Rogers, Lilla

Agent, illustrator and mentor. Illustration and surface design. Lilla Rogers, Lilla Rogers Studio, Jillian Phillips, Helen Dardik, Sarah Walsh, Mike Lowery, Carolyn Gavin, Suzy Ultman, Adolie Day, Rachael Taylor, Lisa Congdon, Macrina Busato, Allison Cole, Jon Cannell, Amy Blay, Hsinping Pan, Jenn Ski, Susy Pilgrim Waters, Mati McDonough, Trina Dalziel, Jennifer Judd-McGee, Lisa DeJohn, Linda Ketelhut, Sarajo Frieden, Silvia Dekker, Marco Marella, John Coulter, Rebecca Bradley, Talitha Shipman, Jessica Allen, Bonnie Dain, Diane Bigda, Ann Boyajian, Janell Genovese, Silvia Portella

Rogers, Nip

Nip Rogers has been a freelance illustrator since 1987. Nip is VERY easy to work with and comes up with creative solutions to any problems you might have.

Rogers, Paul

Born in Los Angeles, Paul Rogers studied at Art Center College in Pasadena, where he now teaches. An ardent admirer of the great poster artists of the 20th Century, Paul connects with this historical heritage and uses the attributes in a way that is meaningful with current communication trends. His belief that "style is concept" governs his approach and means that he will change the look or feeling of a piece in order to use a language that will communicate in the most effective way. Paul's work spans the disciplines of logo design, portraiture, murals, sports and music themes.

Roibal, Larry

realism, painterly, portraits, landscapes, people, children, romance, digital, traditional

Rollet, Claire

Born in France, Claire Rollet spent over 20 years in London and has recently relocated to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. London will always hold a very special place in her heart but for now she is loving cycling around discovering the Dutch capital. In her spare time she loves sewing; each garment she sees as a mathematical problem waiting to be solved.

Music accompanies Claire in her work and she has daytime and night-time playlists. Todd Terje, Kiki Gyan, Mashrou' Leila and Cosima are out when the sun’s up, and at night she listens to the likes of Hercules Love Affair, Gotye and Baloji.

Romani, Paula

I'm an illustrator and designer. My illustrations have a joie de vivre, feminine, modern and fun vibe. My illustrations have appeared in magazines, ads, graphic design materials and products all over the world.

Follow me on Twitter

Ron Ferris, Illustrator

Versatile Illustrator with excellent style and technique. Works in watercolor, acryllics and Wacom Board.

Roper, Robert

With over 20 years experience I specialize in creating colorful and fun digital illustrations. Check out my website for other samples of my work suitable for book publishing, magazines and advertising. I look forward to working with you.

Rosario Jorge

Jorge Rosario is an up and coming illustrator who is looking to break in to the illustration industry specializing primarily in sci-fi fantasy work. He graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston in 2013 with a BFA in Illustration. He currently resides just outside of Boston, Massachusetts working tirelessly in his quiet studio.

Rosco, Delro

Realistic food, fruits, vegetables, botanical, landscapes, scenery, animals, nature, product, for packaging and advertising in both digital and watercolor.

Rosebraugh, Keri

lino cut, mixed media

Rosemarie Gillen Illustartions

I am a professional, published, award-winning illustrator. As a professional freelance Children's Book Illustrator it is my job is to bring the characters in your book to life through lively, colorful, illustrations. A professional illustrator is able to show your readers everything about your story that your manuscript does not say. They create a world for your characters to live in.

Rosen, Donna

Award winning illustrators who are easy to work with and aim to please. We offer many styles and mediums. Porfolios available. Artists include Bruce MacPherson, Zachary Pullen, Rob Johnson, Steve Pica, Tim Webb, Joe Kovach, Eric Westbrook, Eric Fortune, Jim Haynes, Matthew Baek, William L. Brown, Richard Waldrep, Val Bochkov, Natascha Engelmann, Jim Nuttle, Dennis Auth and more.

Rosen, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Rosen Illustration. Colorful, painterly images created with acrylic, mixed-media and collage. Some themes are children, multi-racial crowds, urban environments, music and jazz.

Rosenbaum, Jonathan & Georgina

Jonathan and Georgina Rosenbaum have been two of the premier food and beverage illustrators since the early 90s working with clients as diverse as Pepsi, Seagram’s, Nestle, Kraft, Gillette, Pfizer and Orville Redenbacher. During the days of conventional airbrush they worked as a team creating different aspects of an illustration. Making the transition to digital in the mid- 90s enabled the Rosenbaums to improve both consistency and timing over a product line. This made them a sort of super illustrator, perhaps a major movie deal is in the wings? Multiple piece projects are a specialty, such as a recent 600+ illustration packaging assignment for a national supermarket brand, 75 illustrations for a national pharmacy chain and 30 illustrations for a private label group. Subjects included fruit, vegetables, candy, chocolate, desserts, drinks, juice, water, splashes, and pours.This is in addition to a number of smaller, but no less important, projects for loyal clients who will only accept the Rosenbaum's style and quality, a Herculean effort and one that would not have been possible had they not been a team.


Realism, stylized realism, licensed characters, painted digitally in Photoshop for advertising and editorial usage. Specialties are; food, Fruit, product, people, packaging, nature, landscapes, and book covers.

Rosenwald, Laurie

illustration, graphic design, collage, typography, portraits, lettering, humor. posters, book jackets, annual reports. no job too big, no job too small, no job too medium.

Ross, Doug

Conceptual solutions to editorial and corporate assignments. Now offering animation.

Ross, Mary

Mary Ross is known for her "loose is more" elegant line quality, ranging from sophisticated simplicity to whimsical.


Very lush, delicious, surrealist imagery... come see!

Roth, Marci

Retro-syle digital collage with a modern twist. Marci Roth has illustrated numerous book jackets and full-page illustrations for such clients as Random House, Holiday House, The Washington Post, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Roumieu, Graham

Graham’s award-winning signature linework and off-beat wit has appeared in advertising, magazines, newspapers and character development. Clients include Harper's, The New York Times Magazine and Book Review, Business 2.0, Explore, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Sun, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Arnold Worldwide, The Bark, Seed, Report on Business, The LA Times, Maclean’s and Nobleworks. He has also illustrated two books, Some Really Super Poems About Squirrels, Andrews McMeel and In Me Own Words - the Autobiography of Bigfoot, Manic D Press, he is currently working on his third book. His work has been honored by American Illustration, Applied Arts Magazine and the National Magazine Awards.

Roumieu, Graham

Distinctive pen + ink and watercolour. Recent clients include: The NY Times, Business 2.0, Wall St. Journal, National Post Business, Toronto Life, Canadian Business.

Roux, Christian

International artist Christian Roux ‘s art has been exhibited and published throughout the world. His work has appeared in many French magazines such as Actual, Charlie Mensuel and Hara Kiri and in the publications, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Le Monde, Le Vie and many more. Some commercial campaigns Christian has worked on are Air France and Kodak. He has also written and illustrated several children’s books with one more in the works.

Rowley, Michael specializes in visual mnemonics to help you learn complex subjects such as Japanese, chemistry, political geography, and English vocabulary. In addition to writing books, Michael Rowley has done design and illustration work for Apple, Visa, PolyGram, and the Simpsons. For stock inquiries, please contact Matthew Longton at 1.800.297.7658

Roy, Yvon

Yvon Roy is a Well known Canadian artist based in Montreal. He specializes in digital vector based illustration

Rubalcava, Tom

This is an online gallery showcasing an array of work that Tom has produced in the entertainment and animation industry, including character and concept design, storyboarding and sculpture.

Ruggieri, Alberto

The site of one of the well known illustrator in Italy. Divided in different pages, the site is rich with editorial and advertising illustration. One can also find the books illustrated from Ruggieri and the gallery of his "cartoline" .

Rugh, Douglas

Douglas Rugh is a classically trained oil painter (and Copley Master) who works quickly and will provide digital images shot in-house as well as original art. Realistic oil paintings, Representational Landscapes, Imaginative, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Animals, Cartoon or Character Development, Children, Children's Book, Editorial, Emotive, Historical, Illustration, Impressionist, Lifestyle, Medical, Nature, Painterly, People and Figures, Posters and Covers, Product Still Life, Realistic Paintings, Realistic Stylized, Sports,

Rui Martins Portfolio

Illustration portfolio. 3d, Cartoon and character animation

Rundo, Ron

Ron Rundo is a fine arts sculptor, painter and illustrator based in Long Beach, NY. He is a visionary artist with a distinctive and metaphorical style akin to the old masters’ traditions.
He strives to enhance and heighten the beauty found in the ordinary and elevate it to extraordinary by creating works of art that challenge the viewer to engage in inner
During the past 26 years he has developed a broad palette of expertise in all forms of visual expression including sculpture, oil on canvas, watercolor and mixed media.


award winning illustrator specializing in retro art and children's books illustrations: the official dick and jane illustrator; normal rockwell style; the past is already the future.

Russ Cox

Logos & identities, web design, and illustration.

Russell Kightley Media

Medical, biological & general illustrations

Russell, Bill

scratchboard illustration for icons, spots, narrative, conceptual, portraits and maps.

Russo, Natalie

Natalie's work has appeared in magazines, children's books, and greeting cards. Her illustrations combine traditional and digital media. In her process she uses clay sculptures, acrylic paint and other found objects. After construction, the piece is photographed and completed in Adobe Photoshop. Natalie strives to create imagery that is unique, bright and fun to look at.

Ruzzier, Sergio

Author and illustrator of children's books: The Little Giant, The Room of Wonders, and many others. Editorial illustrator for a number of international publications, including Blab!, The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal

Ryan Dunlavey

Illustration, graphics, animation and comic book art for editorial and product design. Emphasis on humor, satire and pop culture. Energetic, clean, colorful and accessible style.

Ryan, Pete

Former male model (true) Pete Ryan was raised in the badlands of rural southern Ontario. A feral child, Pete's boyhood days were spent recklessly gallivanting down sun parched roads and within tall fields of corn. As an adult, Pete¹s free spirited nature is still felt within his work. Recklessly obsessed with concept and metaphor, Pete spends long hours at his sketchbook hunting for the perfect solution to even the trickiest visual problems. His work is bold and graphic, juxtaposing meticulously clean line work with haphazard, razzle dazzle texture. Petes remaining time is divided between watching YouTube videos of Boston Terriers and thinking about watching said videos.

Ryo, Masaki

After graduating from Kanazawa Arts & Crafts University, Masaki worked at Yakult’s advertising department as a graphic designer for 9 years.

In 1993 Masaki started his career as a freelance illustrator. He drew everything from fruits to fashion, and his work reflected both an enthusiasm as well as a fascination with illustration in and of itself. Yet Masaki gradually became aware of the fact that his favorite themes were fashion and cosmetics – this seemed only natural as his father had been a tailor of women’s clothing and Masaki himself had spent time during his childhood playing with a sewing machine.

In 2000, Masaki introduced his new fashion paintings executed in his signature style: Masaki’s approach to illustration involves the use of painting knife and acrylic paint, which he will then adjust digitally.

Branching away from his signature fashion illustrations, Masaki’s recent artwork has been inspired by his pet dog, a miniature schnauzer. His ability to capture the endearing and playful nature of our canine companions has caught many people’s eyes and has earned the recognition of various clients including the renowned stationary company Caspari, Inc. They have released a line of products featuring Masaki’s illustrations of dogs and other subjects, which have been very popular in the US, Europe and Japan.