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  • phone: 239-403-4393
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  • Having been both an art producer and an art rep, Joanie brings a special perspective to the business of illustration. The diversity of talents she represents guarantees a good answer to your illustration needs - advertising, editorial, design, publishing or corporate. Looking for old world, tea stained, folk art, vibrant 60s pop art, watercolor, line doodles, printmaking, realism, a blend of traditional & digital? The work of her artists will develop the style you want, are strong in concept & understand deadlines. Joanie has sat on both sides of the desk. An art rep & art buyer. The artists she reps are unique in style & strong in concept. Clients include: Hershey's, Kate Spade, TBWA Chiat Day, NPR, Audi, Victoria Secret, Vanity Fair, Pentagram Design, Estee Lauder, GSDM, Sony, Time, Stella Artois, United Airlines, Target, Nickelodeon Magazine, Nordstroms, Domino, Verve, Fallon, Harvard Business Review. Representing: Elvis Swift, Stan Fellows, Jack Molloy, Jason Greenberg, WACSO, John Kleber, Marian Richardson, Jacob Thomas.
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