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The Schuna Group

Nationally prominent illustrator portfolios representing a variety of media for publishing, design, advertising, editorial, packaging and web applications.

Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agent

Our agency represents contemporary illustrators incorporating a range of new and traditional styles as varied as the artists themselves. We specialize in the latest commercial illustration for advertising, design, packaging, book publishing, apparel, editorial, stock illustration, and children's books. We also offer animation, including stop motion, claymation and Flash services. We pride ourselves on our 19+ years of experience incultivating excellent relationships with artists and clients worldwide. See the team in action on our blog or on our illustrated cocktail recipe journal. Representing Calef Brown, Chris Buzelli, Livia Cives, Bob Dob, Simeon Elson, Terri Fry Kasuba, Charles Glaubitz, Keith Warren Greiman, Claudine Hellmuth, Tom Jester, Johnny Kotze, Craig La Rotonda, Jen Lobo, Christophe Lopez-Huici, Robin Moline, Steve Moors, Michael Murphy, Joel Nakamura, Mariya Paskovsky, Lucie Rice, Martha Rich, Kim Rosen, Lucio Schiavon, Dave Stevenson, Santiago Uceda, Marco Wagner

Rogers, Lilla

Agent, illustrator and mentor. Illustration and surface design. Lilla Rogers, Lilla Rogers Studio, Jillian Phillips, Helen Dardik, Sarah Walsh, Mike Lowery, Carolyn Gavin, Suzy Ultman, Adolie Day, Rachael Taylor, Lisa Congdon, Macrina Busato, Allison Cole, Jon Cannell, Amy Blay, Hsinping Pan, Jenn Ski, Susy Pilgrim Waters, Mati McDonough, Trina Dalziel, Jennifer Judd-McGee, Lisa DeJohn, Linda Ketelhut, Sarajo Frieden, Silvia Dekker, Marco Marella, John Coulter, Rebecca Bradley, Talitha Shipman, Jessica Allen, Bonnie Dain, Diane Bigda, Ann Boyajian, Janell Genovese, Silvia Portella

Morgan Gaynin Inc


Anna Goodson Management

Anna Good­son Man­age­ment (AGM), an in­no­va­tive, bou­tique-​style agen­cy serv­ing the glob­al mar­ket­ing needs of the vi­su­al arts com­mu­ni­ty. Draw­ing on a proven track record of vi­sion, in­sight and in­ge­nu­ity, AGM rep­re­sents some of the most cel­e­brat­ed il­lus­tra­tors from around the world - as far away as Aus­tralia and Ar­genti­na. Found­ed in 1996, AGM is driv­en by pas­sion and a com­mit­ment to pro­vid­ing ex­cep­tion­al per­son­al ser­vice to artists and clients. Today, AGM's artists work with some of the lead­ing ad­ver­tis­ing agen­cies, de­sign firms, mag­a­zines, pub­lish­ers and news­pa­pers in the world.


KIDSHANNON represents over a hundred of the finest children’s illustrators and writers worldwide, producing custom illustrations and stories for the children’s and advertising industries. Our artists are regularly featured in film, books, magazines, television, and the internet. Our artists include Greg Call, Antonio Javier Capario, Cliff Neilsen, Jed Henry, Amy Bates, Julia Denos, John Bendall-Brunello, Guy Francis, Ariel Pang, Jimmy Pickering, Omar Rayyan,, Miki Sakamoto, Ute Simon, Carol Thompson, and Dan Anreason, to name a few. KIDSHANNON artists work in categories such as board books, designers, digital, animation, book jackets, caricatures, cartoons, computer generated imagery, packaging, educational, graphic design, graphic novels, history, humor, multicultural, photography, realistic, religious, rich media, sci fi and fantasy, trade, watercolor, whimsical, and young adult.

Irmeli Holmberg

Working with clients from all over the world, Irmeli connects commercial illustrators and visual artists to publishers, ad agencies and other businesses looking for original artwork. Whether you need photo illustrations, infographics, retro or realism, find it here with Irmeli Holmberg. Browse our gallery today and connect with the right artist for your next project. Representing Aardvart Illustrations, Amy Adams, Kristin Barr, Rogerio Borges, Robert Byrd, Camila DeGodoy, Viviana Diaz, Andrea Ebert, Louise Ellis, Anna-Liisa Hakkarainen, Mariano Mercado, Suzanne Mogensen, Mark Preston, Vivian Suppa, Lydia Taranovic, Tirza van Hensbergen, Cinzia & Valentina Illustration, Agnes Yi, Carmen Garcia, Melanie Barnes, Rita Chow, Jo Empson, William Ersland, Ken Laidlaw, Tina Bela Limer, Meredith Nieves, Steven Noble, AnnMari Olsson, John Shipperbottom, Hannele Wanha-aho

those three reps

We are the bridge between the vision and the visual. Those 3 Reps represents nationally recognized and award winning photographers & illustrators that utilize their creativity to collaborate and deliver exceptional creative assets. Our success is built on the foundation of knowledge, enthusiasm, adaptability & ethical values. We've been promoting creative brilliance for over 24 years. Representing Eric Cash, Michael Crampton, Jon Flaming, Narda Lebo, James Nelson, Mark Ross, Benjamin Vincent

Folio Illustration Agency

For over 30 years FOLIO has represented talented illustrators and artists from every corner of the world. They've worked with all of the biggest names in advertising, publishing and press and have helped produce some of the most recognizable and highly regarded commercial artwork from the last three decades. Today, they continue to work, still at the forefront of the illustration world.

Reactor Artists Representatives

Tracy Wood, James Turner, Stephanie Power, Jamie Bennett, Tom Hunt, Carlos Marrero, Jamie Bennett, Roxanna Bikadoroff,Federico Botana, Blair Drawson, Henrik Drescher, Louis Fishauf, Bob Fortier, Carolyn Gowdy,Steven Guarnaccia,Margaret Hathaway, Tom Hunt, Huntley/Muir, Jeff Jackson, Jerzy Kolacz, Ross Macdonald, James Marsh, Simon Ng, Tomio Nitto, Alain Pilon, Stephanie Power, Bill Russell, Fiona Smyth, Maurice Vellekoop, Tracey Wood, Rene Zamic

Blasco Creative

Welcome to Blasco Creative…representing a talented group of over 40 illustrators specializing in a range of medium: scratchboard, digital, cut paper, acrylic, oil, 2-D and 3-D and a variety of styles: photo-realistic, sci fi, children’s publishing, editorial, still life. Blasco Creative’s range of talent makes finding THE illustrator for your project an easy assignment. Blasco Creative enjoys a strong client base including advertising agencies, pharmaceutical companies, toy companies, magazine and book publishers, sporting goods manufacturers and distributors, and websites. Please visit our website at As you browse, you will recognize why Blasco Creative should be your destination website for illustration needs. You’ll view up to 95 images for each artist, and we can send you additional images if needed. Our artists are featured in The Workbook, Theispot, and The Directory of Illustration and the sourcebook Play.

Grien, Anita

My career as an illustrator’s representative started in 1972 with one very talented artist. Another illustrator soon joined us and we proceeded to grow our group slowly but steadily, staying small enough for me to maintain close contact with every member and every client. As you’ll see, the artists work in a wide variety of styles and media. You can depend on each one I represent to deliver really great work—on time, within budget, and without problems or stress. Our national and international client list includes publishers, advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers, corporations, TV networks, cable companies, web sites and design firms. I hope you'll like what you see and I hope we'll be hearing from you soon. Representing: Fanny Mellet Berry Higgins Bond Ron Carboni Bruce Cayard Anthony Jenkins Julie Johnson Alan Neider Alan Reingold

Lemonade Illustration Agency

Lemonade represents some of the leading talent working in the industry today. The agency also has specialised divisions in Children's book illustration, Motion and Storyboards. Please visit the website for a regular update of what exciting work our illustrators are producing. Lemonade is no ordinary illustration representative. We are proud to represent some of today's leading Illustrators, CGi artists, animators and concept designers. Please see our website for a comprehensive look at our agency...

Salzman International

Providing the most professional and talented illustrators in the country for over twenty years. Representing Elizabeth Berrien, Davide Bonazzi, Denise Hilton Campbell, Kristen Funkhouser, Tobias Hall, Mark Hallett, Aaron Kober, Man One, Everett Peck, Kevin Pope, Greg Shed, Mark Smith, Debbie Tilley, Caroline Tomlinson, Oliver Winward

Martha Productions Inc

Represents illustrators working in a variety of styles - from realistic to comic, digital, retro, graphic and painterly. Artists include Steve Vance, Atomic Battery, Steve Chorney, Allen Garns, Jim Lange, David Moore, Dennis Mukai, Peter Siu, Joe & Kathy Heiner, Bob Brugger, Bradley Clark, Steve Keller, Catherine Leary, Wayne Watford. Other divisions: RetroReps (showcasing vintage styles from the 1920s through 1960s), Artinforms (informational graphics) and IconArtReps (character design and development).

Scott Hull Associates

ORIGINAL ART WORKS. Illustrator rep featuring artists: David Lesh, Mark Pernice, Lisa Ballard, Michael Bast, Mikey Burton, Penelope Dullaghan, Andrea Eberbach, Grant Gilliland, Von Glitschka, Tim Gough, Clint Hansen, Andy Hayes, Meg Hunt, Greg Lafever, John Maggard, Larry Moore, Curtis Parker, David Reinbold, Mark Riedy, Geoff Smith, Lorraine Tuson

Painted Words

Painted Words, formerly Lori Nowicki & Associates (established in 1992) was launched in 2006. The company currently represents illustrators and authors in the children's publishing, advertising and editorial marketplace. It is our mission to develop writers and illustrators in order to create authentic works for the children's publishing market and beyond. Our goal is to provide the utmost in representation for illustrators and authors while placing a unique emphasis on developing characters, books and licensed properties. Representing steve adams, gene barretta, barroux, tim beaumont, binny, linda bleck, jan bryan-hunt, nancy gayle carlson, keith campbell, mircea catusanu, sue cornelison, stephen costanza, sarah dillard, jill dubin, phillip fickling, todd goldman, elise gravel, gabrielle grimard, john huxtable, molly idle, london ladd, huy voun lee, maranda maberry, steve mack, Josée masse, kate merritt, harry moore, vanessa brantley newton, nomar perez, susan reagan, kristina rodanas, mark rogalski, Rogé, jessica secheret, michael slack, betsy snyder, soud, shadra strickland, betsy thompson, erica villnave, mike wesley, julia woolf, cat Zazà, elizabeth zunon, kevin zimmer, doodle garage

Frank Sturges Reps

Proudly representing: Justine Beckett, Daniel Chang, Gina & Matt, The Heads of State, Jessica Hische, David Hollenbach, Caroline Hwang, Roman Klonek, Jeff Koegel, Rich Lillash, Little Friends of Printmaking, Mark Allen Miller, Simon Peplow, Katherine Streeter, Emily Sutton, Dante Terzigni, Gina Triplett and Walter Vasconcelos.

i2i Art Inc.

Industry-renowned artist agency representing award-winning #illustrators. Communicating ideas visually. Commissioned and stock illustration. Proudly representing: Gary Alphonso, Talya Baldwin, Eric Chow, Jillian Ditner, Katy Dockrill, Betsy Everitt, Mark Hoffmann, Janice Kun, Monika Melnychuk, James Minchall, Dave Murray, Natalie Nelson, Clare Owen, Phil, Thom Sevalrud, Rémy Simard, Greg Stevenson, Angelica Yiacoupis,Tim Zeltner

Agency Rush

Don't call us an illustration agency, because Agency Rush is so much more. We provide an exclusive creative service, managing projects from commission to production; plus we're proactive, offering strategic advice on changes of direction, instigating new initiatives and nurturing careers. Thanks to our wealth of design-industry experience you can trust our judgment and explore the talent we've discovered; our creatives are ahead of the curve, so watch this space. Agency Rush deliver the very best image-led solutions worldwide. We're constantly growing our network of artists and clients; add publicists, journalists and academics to the mix and we're in communication with the most influential members of the global creative community. So, if you're looking for a team of cutting-edge image-makers coordinated by experienced industry insiders... you've just found us.

Koko Art Agency

KOKO Art Agency is a boutique illustration and design agency based in New York City. Since our founding in 1999 under the name CWC International, we have served as a creative content partner connecting exceptional art and design talent with our international clients. We oversee our artists in their production of unique and impactful handwrought assets for use across communication mediums, including:

•Cross-platform Social Media Campaigns

•Packaging & Surface Design + In-store Displays

•Editorial & Publishing

•Online Ads, Website Design & Video/Animation

•Live Painting/Murals at Events

Target, Nike, Reebok, Mercedes-Benz, Veuve Clicquot, Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton, MAC Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Banana Republic, Levi’s, OPI, Microsoft, Google, NBC, Nickelodeon, HGTV, TED Global, Ace Hotels, Harper Collins, Chronicle Books, Penguin Books, among others.

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