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Donnelly, Peter

Peter is an award winning illustrator working in advertising and picture books. In the past he has art directed pre-school television series and ads as well as designing for award winning animated films both in Europe and the US. His work has a mid-century appeal with an emphasis on stylised design resulting in a funky and humorous style that makes people smile ... and of course buy things. Peter's work has been featured on Drawn, IllustrationAge and The Little Chimp Society as well as being awarded by American Illustration, The Creative Quarterly Journal and 3X3 Pro-Illustration and Childrens Books showcase.

Collins, Mark

Mark has been an artist since childhood, and has worked professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator since 1984. Although he started as a traditional painter using acrylics, his preferred medium is now digital, and he works solely as a vector artist using Adobe Illustrator. His work relies predominantly on a calligraphic line, with color gradient fills, and a humorous touch.

Clients include: Consumer Reports, Highlights, MuscleMag International, M Magazine, Redmond Magazine, InSight, American Health & Fitness, Raley's, Times of the Islands, Berlitz, Oxford University Press, Harcourt, Pearson, Holt, Running Press Hunt Manufacturing, Philadelphia Zoo, American Express, Pepsico, Rohm and Haas, Scunci, Lily Icos (Cialis), Purell, TRESemme, Stepping Stone Childrens Museum.

Cold Snap Studio | Chrissy Fanslau

I specialize in illustration for children's books & products and work with many wonderful clients worldwide. My artwork is expressive, fun & playful, with characters that convey wonderful expressions, BIG personalities & a great sense of movement. I have experience creating art for ad agencies, magazines, book publishers, small businesses and self-pblished authors who have gone on to publish professional (and best-selling) titles. Also experienced in design and as an art director in children's publishing. My studio is located minutes from North Pole, Alaska where I live with my wonderful husband, our brilliant daughters & Max the Giant Malamute.

Member SCBWI. Best-selling illustrator, creative entrepreneur and creator of Don't Touch the Baby and Wash Your Hands signs!

ILLUSTRATION FOR: Children's book, mass market books, board & novelty books, advertising, logos, baby products, greeting cards, licensing & more! Cartoon, digital & graphic styles.

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