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Sulzberg, Daniel

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  • Illustrator Daniel Sulzberg is based in Santa Barbara, California, and his work is infused with the easy-going creativity that his home state is famous for. Itís colourful and fun, welcoming and sometimes a little bit zany. Maybe thatís why the characters he draws so effortlessly seem to jump to life in his illustrations.

    Growing up in a town called Danville, he was always Dan from Danville. After initially trying to emulate his older brother, who was a fine artist, Dan later discovered cartoons, comics and Nintendo games. Soon, he had invented Danvillage, a place for all his whimsical characters to inhabit. Itís become the moniker he works under as an illustrator.

    Danís favourite artists include Dali, Murakami and Miyazaki, while Prince and Reggae music keep him juiced up on tunes. He also has a huge collection of 80s vinyl from his days as a DJ.
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