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Ryo, Masaki

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  • After graduating from Kanazawa Arts & Crafts University, Masaki worked at Yakultís advertising department as a graphic designer for 9 years.

    In 1993 Masaki started his career as a freelance illustrator. He drew everything from fruits to fashion, and his work reflected both an enthusiasm as well as a fascination with illustration in and of itself. Yet Masaki gradually became aware of the fact that his favorite themes were fashion and cosmetics Ė this seemed only natural as his father had been a tailor of womenís clothing and Masaki himself had spent time during his childhood playing with a sewing machine.

    In 2000, Masaki introduced his new fashion paintings executed in his signature style: Masakiís approach to illustration involves the use of painting knife and acrylic paint, which he will then adjust digitally.

    Branching away from his signature fashion illustrations, Masakiís recent artwork has been inspired by his pet dog, a miniature schnauzer. His ability to capture the endearing and playful nature of our canine companions has caught many peopleís eyes and has earned the recognition of various clients including the renowned stationary company Caspari, Inc. They have released a line of products featuring Masakiís illustrations of dogs and other subjects, which have been very popular in the US, Europe and Japan.
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