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Rosenbaum, Jonathan & Georgina

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  • Jonathan and Georgina Rosenbaum have been two of the premier food and beverage illustrators since the early 90s working with clients as diverse as Pepsi, Seagramís, Nestle, Kraft, Gillette, Pfizer and Orville Redenbacher. During the days of conventional airbrush they worked as a team creating different aspects of an illustration. Making the transition to digital in the mid- 90s enabled the Rosenbaums to improve both consistency and timing over a product line. This made them a sort of super illustrator, perhaps a major movie deal is in the wings? Multiple piece projects are a specialty, such as a recent 600+ illustration packaging assignment for a national supermarket brand, 75 illustrations for a national pharmacy chain and 30 illustrations for a private label group. Subjects included fruit, vegetables, candy, chocolate, desserts, drinks, juice, water, splashes, and pours.This is in addition to a number of smaller, but no less important, projects for loyal clients who will only accept the Rosenbaum's style and quality, a Herculean effort and one that would not have been possible had they not been a team.
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