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Cooper, Dena

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  • contact: Stacey Endres
  • phone: 646-808-0205
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  • Soft and skilfully painted, Dena Cooper’s fashion illustrations also offer moments of striking contrast and intensity. Her lifelike models look as they could walk right off the page and join in with your conversation.

    With a background in fashion design, Dena is now a leading New York illustrator with a growing list of industry clients. Transplanted into Brooklyn from Fredricksburg, Virginia, she loves New York and Fashion Week in particular. “I’m very influenced by street style that I see around the city, specifically the effortless chic that so many New Yorkers exude walking down the street.”

    Further inspiration comes from designers like Marchesa, Dior, Delpozo, and Viktor & Rolf, but Dena also loves reading, running, a good cup of coffee or a glass of wine.
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