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Cao, François

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  • Born in 1982, Cavano is a young self-taught artist with several influences such as fashion, pop art, comics, cinema, music or fantastic novels. The artist is inspired by Enkil Bilal, famous comic strip writer and drawer, as much as Neil Gaiman, eminent novelist. He aims to deliver us illustrations with mixed universes finely shaded by shadows and bright colors. Cavano gives his own vision of estheticism, a singular and modern one which always mixes numerous mediums such as charcoal, ink, felt tip, soft pastels or even fluorescent highlighters. He draws his inspiration inside the face and in the look of each of his models. For him, the use of each medium varies in accordance with each of his works, because every face possesses its own identity and its own authenticity. The end of 2012 is a turning point for the young artist because he decides to dedicate himself completely to his passion. He becomes one the rare permanent artist at the “Foundation René Pous” Museum, and exhibits at the side of masterpieces signed by Dali, Matisse, Grandidier, Dufy or Cocteau. In 2013, he is nominated for the 1st selection of the 8th Edition of “Arte Laguna Prize” in Venice in the painting category among an impressive panel of 80 artists. Then he takes part in the 3rd Edition of the “International Emerging Artist Award” (IEAA) in Dubaï, and draws the attention of the Director of the competition, with his portfolio. Since that moment the career of the artist takes an international artistic turn by joining the “On screen” project of the renowned SAATCHI gallery in London and the ARTtour International magazine edited in New York dedicates him as one of the best sixty artists contemporary for the beginning of year 2014.
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