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Fortin, Pierre

  • web site:!pierre-fortin/c1gjz
  • contact: David Goldman
  • phone: 212-807-6627
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  • Born in Montreal, Pierre Fortin now creates multiple award winning conceptional art from his home studio in Ontario, Canada. Heavily influenced by The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, Art Deco, pop-culture and film noir, Pierre's sometimes whimsical work is immersed in a world of mystique and psychology, incorporating elements of visionary, fantasy and sci-fi. He's constantly seeking to refine his message delivery with experiments in visual concepts of both traditional and digital means. The results are self evident in illustrations that combine imagination and intrigue with visual power. Pierre's career spans more than 20 years, and includes designing and creating for a wide range of internationally known corporations, magazines and publishers, as well as award winning work in the video game and theme park industries. His work has been featured in American Illustration, Catipult and Communication Arts, as well as being seen in Time, Forbes, Sports Illustrated, The Atlantic Monthly, and Business Week. He has also created a mural for Universal Studios and won awards for his designs for the Beijing Cube Water Park and the new Dollywood Mystery Mine.
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