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Smith, Kelly

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  • Kelly Smith is an Australian Illustrator, working predominantly in fashion and beauty.

    With a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Tasmanian School of Art, Kelly majored in photography and graphic design, but reverted back to her love of drawing after graduating. She ran a blog and launched her career after being interviewed in Vogue about an exhibition she was mounting.

    Kellyís approach is mainly traditional, with 90 per cent of the work completed using a graphite pencil. She then scans the drawing in, adding colour and tweaking the image using Photoshop. Her compositions vary Ė usually itís a case of highlighting one focal area thatís full of beauty, but in other cases she builds up a scene to surround it.

    Her images are intricate, finely detailed pencil illustrations, incorporating pops of digital colour. They are soft and feminine in tone and content.
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