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Floyd, Charles

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  • I am a designer and illustrator with a love of learning and a focus on science and technology. I have worked as a designer, illustrator, professor and journalist. I have operated a small design business servicing technology based industries and publications for 30 years. An undergraduate degree in Biology and a Masters in Industrial Design have taken me from medical labs to manufacturing facilities, from NASA design studies, to art director at National Geographic Magazine, where I focused on science and technology stories. I have worked on projects in aerospace, biotechnology, robotics, software and publications. My focus is on problem solving and creation of imagery that educates. My work is utilized in print and on the web for advertising, trade shows, promotional brochures, annual reports, educational kiosks, informational graphics, magazines and books. 24 years experience in design and illustration. Former art director at National Geographic Magazine, specializing in science and technology stories. 4 years as visiting assistant professor at North Carolina State University School of Design 2 years as adjunct professor at Corcoran School of Art and Design 4 years adjunct professor of Visual Communications at University of North Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Currently teaching online classes in multimedia communications. 10 years experience as an industrial designer Masters in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University School of Design Bachelor of arts in painting and biology Experience in aerospace, biotechnology, medicine, robotics, engineering, electronics, education,software and publications Expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, 3D modeling (Modo) and time-based applications such as Aftereffects for the creation of digital imagery for print and web. Personal focus on science, technology and aviation special interests: aviation history education travel Private pilot
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