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Karlén, José Per

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  • contact: Pat Lindgren
  • phone: 212-397-7333
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  • Brochure, Book, Black & White, Advertising, Poster, People, Corporate, Editorial, Decorative, Computer/Digital, Children, annual reports, people, business, work, intelligent, corporate, information, typography, art, advertising, poster, product, packaging, animation, children, Lettering, childrens book, conceptual, decorative, lettering, naive, line, bitmap, digital, vector, computer, whimsical, wacky, corporate, ink, pen, advertising, editorial, characters, graphic design, book publishing, CD covers, book covers. Innovative, intelligent and fun. Clients include: IBM, WPP, The Swatch Group, Royal Mail, Orange mobile company.
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    • Added: Aug. 22, 2006
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