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Bollinger, Peter

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  • Renowned in the field of commercial art, Peter Bollinger is an award winning illustrator whose clients include Grey Advertising, Sony Entertainment, DreamWorks, Sega, Wizards of the Coast, Nintendo, Mars, Harper Collins, Scholastic and many other publishing, advertising, and entertainment organizations. Holding degrees in industrial and environmental design, Peter's expertise covers diverse fields, from the design of computer terminals and street furniture, to monorails and automobiles. He has won major design and illustration awards in the United States, Australia, Italy and Japan. He undertakes architectural and concept design for numerous clients locally and abroad such as Disney Imagineering, Discovery Communications, and numerous Japanese theme parks. Peter works in two separate styles, traditional airbrush and digital illustration, although the two have become more and more similar with each passing technical innovation. Once a die-hard New Yorker, Peter now lives in the relative tranquility of Silverado, CA with his wife, Cybele their son, Zak, and daughter Galatea.
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