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Laura Ralli

Laura Ralli is an italian artist, a sculptor, a storyboard artist, a character designer, an illustrator of books for children and young. She combines traditional and digital techniques.

OTWIC Animations, Illustrations and Cartoons

The online-portfolio of freelance artist and Flash-specialist Othmar Wicke incl. free and original e-Cards, online-games, screensavers and much, much more ...

Valley, Robert

Animation ,Comics + Designs

Casarosa, Enrico

Illustrator/Storyboard Artist, recently worked on the film ICE AGE (20th century Fox), currently employed at Pixar Animation Studios. The site is comprised of 2 sections, a Portfolio and Sketchbook. They contain: Figure drawing, Animation Design,Storyboards, Comicbook work (Mia1931), and more !

Baker, Jamie

Character design and storyboards done for animation and comics.

Sias, Ryan

See my art for Bowling for Columbine, read my comics, see my art, and buy my t-shirts & handmade dolls!

Rubalcava, Tom

This is an online gallery showcasing an array of work that Tom has produced in the entertainment and animation industry, including character and concept design, storyboarding and sculpture.

Palomares, Franz

Cartoon and Comic animations and illustrations.

Lunden, Einar

Einar Lunden is an experienced illustrator and cartoonist who works both for children and the general market. He does all types of illustrations, cartoons, comics, character designs, concepts, logo designs for books, magazines, online, and more. He has been extensively published in books, magazines, newspapers, online, corporate, etc. Works well on deadline. Please visit his website for sample work.

Barber, Brian

Illustrator and animator working in editorial, advertising and children's books.

Bagley, Aaron

In 2004 I received my BFA from Cornish College of the Arts. Although I was trained as a fine artist I have always been at heart a drawer (one who draws, not something you put socks in). Most of my work comes out of my sketchbook - comics, freelance work, last night's dream, weirdos I see on the bus. Most of my life exists in my sketchbooks. So, if you really want to know me ask to see my sketchbooks!

ian christy

This site is a core sampling of the art, design and writing produced by Ian Christy and his pals.

Jorge Gutierrez, Super Macho

Illustration & Animation Design by Jorge R. Gutierrez. Clients include Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, WEA, Disney and Film Roman.

Point Blank Studios Inc.

Cartooning, character design and animation

LordCheez Character Design, Illustration and Animation

Character Design, Animation, Illustration for broadcast, print, and multimedia. Incorporates a distinct flavor and style to everything he touches.

Pixeltoon Animation and Design

Sublime Animation work in Flash and After Effects for broadcast and web.

Plympton, Bill

Great animator often seen at animation festivals or used in commercials.

Escott, Joe

Illustration, Character Design and Animation by UK artist Joe Escott

Bowen, Darrel

Darrel Bowen M.D.S. specializes in character, prop, and environmental designs for pre-production television animation and surrounding multi-media including internet, video, publishing, interactive gaming and toys.

Shefelman, Dan

Currently creating a political cartoon for -- I specialize in political cartoons, animation design and directing. My cartoon called "Red and Blue" can be seen here:

Sho Murase

Style == Unique blend of Japanese and European comics and fashion with emphasis in female figure, motion and storytelling ------------------------ Her list of clients include brands such as Nike, Virgin, Mattel , Evian , and companies such as Sony , Electronics Arts and WildBrain amongst many others. Her artwork have been in numerous magazines and exhibits at galleries worldwide ----- Her animation work has been was nominated in various Animation Film Festivals , including Annecy ,Zagreb, Mendrisio and Chicago Int.A.F. --------- Her first color graphic novel "SEI" was published by Image Comics in November 2003, since then she has created" ME2" ,and illustrated many graphic novels including the graphic novel serialization of "NANCY DREW", currently on volume 23

Lee, Chuck

Anime Style Illustration & 3D models