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Bennett, Jeff

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  • I was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1970, graduated form DIT College of Marketing and Design in 1993 studying Visual Communication, specializing in photography and illustration. After college I began working professionally as an illustrator mixing collage and illustration, creating illustrations and visuals for many advertising agencies in Ireland and the UK. Working with photography has always attracted me, and I spent 7 years working from one of Ireland best studios until the end of the 90's, I have always mixed photography, illustration and 3d elements and I still use the same approach today. Many retouching and illustration commissions followed for clients such as, Coca Cola, Bud, Carlsberg, Bulmers, Nissan, Ford, Heineken, BMW, Fiat, Citreon, Volkswagen and many more. I live in Dublin, with my wife, Fiona, we have two daughters Lia and Naomi, and one son Ruan.
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