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  • Jurgen's lyrical art and his 3d illustration work is widely recognized by the advertising industry and he is snapped up by some prestigious commercial clients, ranging from big financial institutions like American Express, Woolwich, Schroders, Edinburgh Fund Managers and Norwich Union to companies like Virgin, Lego, Canon, Kodak, Siemens and Apple. He also contributes his illustration work to major publishers like Readerís Digest, Dorling Kindersley, Kingfisher and Penguin and many others including magazine publishers. To keep abreast with the industry Jurgen invests in the latest 3d software using some of the most revolutionary programs. His photographic rendering skills encompass all aspects of the real and non-real world from sci-fi, advertising, fantasy book illustrations and cover designs. Jurgen strives to develop a long-term working relationship with his Clients, who are always assured of a fast and reliable service. The work is guaranteed to fulfill the client's expectation and they are kept up-to-date during the development process with the final artwork delivered to the highest quality on a secure server.
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